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A Writer Is A Person

There is the tendency to want to be like a great writer (or Artist) that you admire. You try to copy their style, write like they do, or even dream to be the next big thing to fill their shoes. That is understood. However, it is not the best way for a writer (or any artist) to thrive. Shadowing another person’s success isn’t the right route to yours. You may have them mentor you, but don’t let it exceed respect and admiration. If you plan on taking your writing seriously, then it’s time to think of your heroes as your peers. Stop trying to be like them. Start becoming you. They are people with personalities just like you.

Every writer is a person of his/her own, and your writing is a product of your environment and experiences put together. How you chose to respond to the two in the past (and present), is what has built your personality into what it is today. And no two people have exactly the same experiences even if they share similar space and time. It is the reason Randy Ingermanson says no two people have the same content. He goes on to encourage people to take advantage of their content as a unique source for creativity.

If you want to turn out the best that you were born to be, understand that God has placed you in the environment that you are, and has allowed you to go through the experiences that you have for greater good, your writing inclusive. Believe that your personality is rich enough to produce great writing (or any other talent that you may have). People are afraid to live out their personalities because they believe they have nothing cool to offer and are afraid of what people will say. No matter what they say, there is no such thing as a TRULY boring person. What we have, are different interests, so that what interests you, may not be what interests me, and the people that impress me, may not be those that impress you. EACH of us has something beautiful to offer the world. You are a creation of God’s and He doesn’t make junk. Stop worrying about what people say, and just be a person. If you fail to be who you are meant to be, your creativity ceases to be original and will be void of its unique attribute.

Here are some reasons I believe make EACH of us a person:

  1. You are a person because you have been given a mind of your own. This thrusts on you the responsibility of thinking for yourself and making YOUR own decisions that will define YOUR own life. Understand this, and appreciate it so that you can use your mind wisely. Click here to read Michael Hyatt’s take on this.
  2. You have been given a heart and a passion. Your heart carries your passion, and your passion drives your heart. Some passions you’re born with, others grow on you over time. Nevertheless, show some responsibility by exercising self-control over your passions so that you can make wise decisions. Remember that there will be times that you will have to lead your heart and control your passions.
  3. You are a person simply because God created you and invested in you His very image and likeness, and with it, the ability to create something good and beautiful, in a way that no one else can. Just as no one has your DNA and palm print, no one has your flavor of talent. So don’ be afraid. Realize who you are and start to create today!

So, what other reasons do you believe make you the person you are, and is vital to your creativity? Click here to share a comment.

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