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Book Review: The Dead-simple Guide 3-Pack Series (Part 1) by Nick Thacker

The Dead-Simple Guides 3-PackAbout the Book

Launch an award-winning blog, now!

These guides are short, sweet, and to the point, and will help you with three main facets of blogging and blog-growth in the early stages of your blog’s development. Get all three guides in one place now for a great introductory price!

The three guides you’ll receive are:

1. The Dead-Simple Guide to Amazing Headlines
2. The Dead-Simple Guide to Pillar Content
3. The Dead-Simple Guide to Guest Posts






4 Stars


“Emotion is the basis of great writing, and it’s certainly the foundation of great headlines.” —An Excerpt.


In this guide for writing amazing headlines, Nick Thacker makes clear the fact that emotion is key to the success of headlines of any sort, and then tells us why. He shows us how the human Need To Know factor kicks in after the initial emotional response from a catchy headline.

This is a guide that takes you through a summary of the headlines that have made tremendous success in history. It tells why they were successful, and then shows how to achieve similar success. Also included as bonus, are short lists of some headline classics. If you’ve been in the writing scene long enough, most of the information in this book will be familiar. A writer who’s just beginner will, however, find this guide quite helpful. And, finally, there are some repetitions that may leave a reader confused as to what category the headline-types actually belong, but this doesn’t hinder a general understanding of the subject.

This guide is simple, easy to understand, and apply. It is a good recommendation for not only beginner bloggers, but also writers who intend to become newspaper/magazine journalists. Non-fiction book writers, in some ways, will find it helpful, too.

Overall, any writer—beginner or veteran—will gain something new from this guide.

*While I offer this review to the public, it is my honest opinion and simply that. Many thanks to the author, Nick Thacker, for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


nick-thackerAbout the Author

Nick Thacker is an author of fiction (thrillers, action/adventure, etc.) novels and nonfiction books. His first novel, The Golden Crystal, was published in 2013 by Turtleshell Press, and his second, The Depths, was published in 2014.

He lives in a cabin on a mountain in Colorado with his wife, two dogs, and a tortoise, and enjoys skiing, brewing beer, golfing, and of course writing. Read more about Nick (and learn about the writing and self-publishing world) at his website. To get a copy of the 3-Pack Series, go here.


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