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Book Review: The Dead-simple Guide 3-Pack Series (Part 2) by Nick Thacker

About the Book

Launch an award-winning blog, now!

These guides are short, sweet, and to the point, and will help you with three main facets of blogging and blog-growth in the early stages of your blog’s development. Get all three guides in one place now for a great introductory price!

The three guides you’ll receive are:

1. The Dead-Simple Guide to Amazing Headlines
2. The Dead-Simple Guide to Pillar Content
3. The Dead-Simple Guide to Guest Posts






4 Stars


The Dead-simple Guide To Guest Posts

“The real secret of overnight success is that it takes a lot of time, energy, effort and sometimes, money.” —An excerpt.

Nick opens with the story of his early days as a blogger and presents in a snap the true scenario of the online environment at the time. He describes his initial expectations and why he failed, and then takes us through his learning process. With this, he aims to make clear that successful blogging, though may be “fast-paced, amazing, and is not easy,”  requires strategy—one of which is Guestposting.

This is a guide that is elementary in its approach. While there are no new tricks per say, a beginner will find it most helpful. It is thorough, simple, and its advice is easy to follow.

The Dead-simple Guide To Pillar Content

This dead-simple guide is all about “pillar content.” By that I mean content that acts as the “pillar” for your website or blog. All of the topical and relevant information you’ll use to build out the site and earn the attention of readers will spring from this content.”—An Excerpt

I found the “Pillar Content” quite interesting. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but it offers clarity and advice that guides a blogger on how to give purpose to a blog, and to write posts /articles from a more intentional point of view. The term, pillar content, may not be familiar, but anyone who’s paid attention to the blogosphere would have come across it, even though they may not have been able to put a name to it. It simply is a static article—usually the first that visitors are directed to—that presents what readers can expect from a blog/website. It isn’t the same as an About page; the pillar content is THE article on the website that becomes the standard for other articles that will subsequently be published. This guide teaches how to use the pillar content as a strategy to grow a blog/website. It also strengthens the philosophy that there is something more practical and productive about writing out plans, than thinking it in the head.

Nick not only defines and introduces the topic in detail, he adds a sample of a pillar content as bonus. Additional to the emphasis on the pillar content being a strategy for blog-growth, Nick explains how using and writing a pillar content are a good learning process and excellent practice for writing. For a beginner blogger, this strategy helps streamline the purpose of a blog/website. For an oldie, it’s a guide that helps the blogger to be more specific in what they already know and want, so that they can make better decisions on what to cut and what to keep.

The guide includes excerpts of Nick’s manifestos, Building A Blog For Readers: 101 Questions To Ask Before You Launch Your Empire, and Welcome Home: The Author’s Guide To Building A Marketing Home Base.

Overall, the 3-pack series guide is an interesting read that offers a solid approach to making headlines, guestposting, and writing pillar content for blogs/websites.

*While I offer this review to the public, it is my honest opinion and simply that. Many thanks to the author, Nick Thacker, for a free copy in exchange for my opinion.


nick-thackerAbout the Author

Nick Thacker is an author of fiction (thrillers, action/adventure, etc.) novels and nonfiction books. His first novel, The Golden Crystal, was published in 2013 by Turtleshell Press, and his second, The Depths, was published in 2014.

He lives in a cabin on a mountain in Colorado with his wife, two dogs, and a tortoise, and enjoys skiing, brewing beer, golfing, and of course writing. Read more about Nick (and learn about the writing and self-publishing world) at his website. To get a copy of the 3-Pack Series, go here.

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