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The Strategic Importance of Keeping your Dream Alive

Everyone has a dream. Even that person you think has no idea what to do with their life. What sets us apart is that, some of us go for it, others don’t.

If you’re already on your way, you will find that you encounter detours that sometimes manage to sidetrack you. Detours are those goals you have set to help achieve an ultimate goal. If you’re able to achieve these goals, they come together, and you can realize your ultimate dream. If care is not taken, you might get comfortable along the way and be persuaded that there is no need to go any further to achieve your ultimate goal. This has been the end story of many people. They once had a dream, but got comfortable along the way and stopped dreaming. Danny Iny posted an article about this. You can read it here.

Now the ringing question is, why is it so important to keep a dream alive? After all, there is nothing wrong with being comfortable and safe, right?

Here’s why:

  1. For The Sake Of Who You REALLY Are. When you dream, there is a sense of awareness of your identity as a person. Your personality develops a face that you recognize as yours. Nothing makes you feel more alive than your dream. For people who will succeed in it, it is key to everything they will ever achieve. For those who don’t, they claim satisfaction through acceptance of what their life has become, but never cease to wonder what it would have been like. Keeping your dream alive is key to discovering who you believe you are, and all that you are meant to be. Allowing it to die can halt that.
  2. For The Sake Of A Vision. Vision is borne out of a dream. And a person who has no vision has no clear direction in life. Such a person would settle for anything and is many times, least productive with life because they have no idea what to do with opportunities that come their way. In today’s business world, organizations that constantly remind themselves of their vision turn out most successful. A dream is the platform on which a vision stands, and a vision is what defines your dream. As long as a dream is alive, vision never dies.
  3. For The Sake Of A Mission. A mission is what you aim to accomplish when you have a vision. It is the starting point for ground work in realizing your dream. If vision tells you where you want to go, mission tells you what you hope to accomplish when you get there. For instance, your vision might be to become a very successful writer. But your mission might be to educate the public about human rights through your writing. When a vision and a mission come together, they make a dream. Whatever it is you hope to accomplish through your dream can hardly be realized if your dream dies. Some people may find a way to accomplish their life mission outside their dream, but this is a rarely the case.
  4. For The Sake Of Strategy. Have you noticed that when you strive to keep your dream, you constantly come across newer and better ideas that guide you to where you want to go? And the amazing thing is, it isn’t always, that you go looking for these ideas. You just stumble across them. And they help you build better and stronger strategies to achieve your goal. When this happens to me, I believe it is God laying out a straight path for me to follow. But the point here is, I would never have discovered those ideas if I wasn’t striving to keep my dream alive.
  5. For The Sake Of Fulfillment. Even after you achieve your dream, you’d want to sustain it until you reach that point of satisfaction where you know there is no more to give. This is the point of fulfillment. Nothing beats being truly fulfilled in life. Sadly, more people than not, never get to know this feeling. It takes sustaining your dream for as long as is necessary to arrive at this point. You constantly have to remind yourself who you are, what your vision/mission is, and to keep seeking out new knowledge to build better strategies. When you arrive at fulfillment, you will acknowledge that keeping your dream alive was worth it after all.

So there, now you can see the values that dream have to offer. Whatever you do, always remember to keep dreaming to the very end.


Is there a dream that you strive to keep? What values has it given you? Click here to comment.



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