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Writers: Keeping The Creative Juice Flowing, #1

“This topic is a series. From time to time, I will be dishing out practical advice based on my writing experiences that have worked for me.”

*Read a book that is in your genre but not your typical selection.

This may sound old or not useful but it works. I know this first hand. It is especially useful when your story is stuck at a point where it needs a twist but you have no idea how to go forward. Reading something different from your typical selection gives you a fresh perspective and a jumpstart in a way that you couldn’t have achieved on your own, and this keeps your writing ability healthy with a sense of freshness that it not typical in your genre so that it sets you apart as a unique brand. It is also useful for any writer’s block at any point in time.

And what exactly do I mean by a book in your genre that is not your typical selection?

If your favorite genre is romance and your typical selection is historical, try Amish, contemporary or chick flick. If you’re into fantasy and your selection is mythical, try urban instead. Whatever your selection is, go for something different but within the same genre. I’ve found that though it might not be a very delightful experience because it is not my typical read, it’s nevertheless always inspiring and manages to source out exactly what I need and kick-start my writing again. The kinds of twists I’m able to pull-off afterwards are those that I’m sure wouldn’t have been unplugged by my typical read.

This is my little snack advice for today. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to leave any comments.

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