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My Blog’s Sparkling Personality

Your blog is an extension of your mind, your personality—believe it or not. You cannot place on your blog what doesn’t exist inside you. Your blog is a creation spun from your creativity, an ability of the mind.

I’ve come to discover that the best and most successful of blogs are those in which the bloggers know how to channel what they want to offer their readers, and wrap it into a beautiful gift and offer it to them and the rest of the world. Think about it. The blogs you love to visit most, and the posts you love to read are those that pull you in, teach you, entertain you, warm your heart—offer you a gift. Every time you walk away from such a blog or post, you take away something refreshing with you that puts a smile on your face, or a new idea in your heart.

There’s only one reason this would happen—the writer did a good job of wrapping something wonderful and presenting it to you as a gift. I’ve encountered such blogs and they are treasures to me. I stop by as often as I can and let the bloggers know I visited. There are others that I stumble upon and I’m so impressed by what I see, I don’t leave that page without subscribing. There are some blogs that I just stop by just to get inspired and I’m never disappointed. I find myself hoping and praying that I too can also present people with this kind of gift.

But here’s the truth that you and I must understand and accept if we would pull that off. Good and positive things must come from your mind and personality. Your blog cannot have what you don’t. You can’t offer it what you don’t have. You can’t produce what is not inside you.

How then do you achieve an awesome blog?

#1 Develop Yourself. There are so many bright ideas out there. What are you waiting for? Come out and smell the roses. Learn new things, or haven’t you heard that variety is the spice of life? With the new things you learn, you can spice up your blog. I’ve learned that the more I learn, the less I’m afraid to try new things because with knowledge comes confidence. Also, the more you get out there and interact and learn, the more fun and relaxed you become. And the more fun your blog becomes—your personality just can’t help but spill over into it. Find your niche and communicate with other bloggers. Join a community and exchange ideas so you can grow with other bloggers. Learn what they’ve learned and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Whatever you do, don’t stay the same as you started. You only stunt your writer-growth.

#2 Expand Your Horizon In The Right Way.

“What a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” Proverbs 23:7

“Whatever the mind conceives, it can achieve.”

“Guard your heart, for it is the fountain of life.” Proverbs 4:23

It is settled that your blog is a product of your mind. That means you have to guard your mind, and mind what goes into it. These words “garbage in, garbage out” are familiar. The mind is that way too. If you feed your mind with negative things, you will produce negative things on general scale, and your blog will also be a victim of that. Readers will not perceive you as a positive person. No one would want any gift from you. You may come off harsh or indifferent, or something else unpleasant without meaning to and chase away people without understanding why. It’s really simple. An apple tree can’t bear figs, neither can a negative mind produce positive things.

Of course your mind has to grow. Hence the reason #1 encourages you to develop yourself. The more you develop yourself, the more your mind expands its views; and the more you expand your views, the better your ability to conceive. And whatever the mind has the ability to conceive, the person has the strength to achieve. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your mind developed in a positive way so you can conceive and achieve positive things that add value to you and your readers? It is the only way you can wrap up that beautiful gift inside you and offer it to the world and people will accept and thank you for it. No one wants to hang around a negative person, much less accept advice from them. Remember this.


So folks, go out there and develop yourself in character and in skill. Expand your views in a positive way and consequently, your blog will have a sparkling personality, just like you. You can do it just like those pro bloggers you admire so much. It’s not so hard. Seriously. Try it. I mean, what have you got to lose? In fact, there’s everything to gain.

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