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Book Review: Trust Me Twice

About the Book

TrustMeTwice12From the day they were both born, Alana and Zac were best friends, until an incident on a school camp causes Alana to push Zac away and to doubt God. Ten years later, Alana returns to her home town of Oakley and runs into Zac again. He is now a famous TV star and super-cute, but can she forgive him for hurting her all those years ago? While stranded alone with him in the middle of a natural disaster, she must decide whether to open her heart and trust Zac, and God, again.





Christian/Fiction/Contemporary Romance


My Rating

4 out of 5 (stars)

My Review

I have two words to describe this story: Sweet fairytale! I loved this book start to finish. The romance wasn’t over the top, but it was really sweet. Ever read a book where prince-charming did everything a girl ever dreamed of (at least in my book)? That was Zac, the male lead character in this book. Not at the beginning, but definitely at the end.

Even though Alana, the female lead character, was hurt and couldn’t trust easily, she surprisingly didn’t wrestle with what God was trying to teach her and eventually opened her heart to Him and to Zac. Alison did a wonderful job of building Alana’s character and personality as a child and teenager so well there was no way a reader wouldn’t be drawn emotionally into the story quickly. But I didn’t get to know Alana’s personality as an adult as well. Zac’s personality was better developed. I felt the emotional process of Alana’s change of heart needed a slower build. The lessons she learned morphed her too quickly so I didn’t get to know her deep enough. But that didn’t stop me from loving the story. In fact, for the sweetness of the story, it’s a detail that I’m willing overlook.

What I admire most about Alison’s work is her boldness in clearly passing across the message of the story with Scripture and teaching. It was a well themed book; some might call it preachy. I personally loved and enjoyed it! The message was clear: trust God in all things whether or not you understand the situations in your life.

I enjoyed this book immensely. It was really romantic. And though I offer this review to the public, it is opinion and simply that. Much thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the Author

AlisonStanleyAlison Stanley is a working mum, living in the West of Sydney, Australia, with her husband and two young daughters. In her spare time, Alison writes and self-publishes inspirational romance books for adults and teens. She released her first novel, ‘Second Chances’, in 2012, and her second book, ‘Trust Me Twice’, in Feb 2013. She is now working on her third and fourth book.

To find out more about Alison’s books, visit her website, or say hi on Facebook or Twitter.

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    • AlisonStanley says

      Hi booklovers1 – If you’d like a review copy (PDF), feel free to send me an email at alisonstanleychristianfiction(at)

      • Thanks so much for this offer! I have just sent you an email 🙂 Many Blessings as you continue your amazing works.

    • Booklover1, you won’t regret reading this book! In fact, it made me run off to get Alison’s other book, Second Chance. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. AlisonStanley says

    Thanks for your review, Miranda. I’m glad you enjoyed my book. I look forward to reading yours soon 🙂

    • Very welcome Alison! Reading your book was my pleasure. It felt good to laugh and smile all at the same time while reading your book. Made me wish it was a series. I hope you love my book as much as I loved yours. Looking forward to your other books. 😉

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