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Life Without Fiction? … Tagged by a Blogger

Photo by Humusak2 of

Photo by Humusak2 of

I was tagged by Shannah at Book Reviews by Shannah. Thank you!

What To Do: This is a “make you think” tag. List three to five things that would be different in your life without fictional books/characters.

… I’m supposed to tag three other people afterwards, but I beg to break the cycle.

Without fictional books/characters, well …

  1. I certainly wouldn’t be reviewing books, which is something I love. Connecting with other writers, authors and bloggers have been such an awesome experience that I gasp (horrifically) at the thought that it wouldn’t have been a part of my life.
  2. I’m presently putting finishing touches on my manuscript and soon to hand it over to my editor, Amber Stokes ( it’s about time!). And yes, you guessed right, it is a work of fiction. To think that I wouldn’t have been a writer … no, no!!
  3. I wouldn’t have watched those lovely movies adapted from books/characters of fiction. You all know what I’m talking about! My personal favorites include: Love Come Softly series, Man of Steel, Avengers … the list could go on.

Well, there you have it! Please, join the fun and write what your life would be like without fiction in the comment box. It doesn’t have to be three things (if you’re not up to that much). One is fine.

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