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How Awesome Is Your ‘About’ Page?


I’ve been discouraged from subscribing to a blog/website simply because of an ‘about page’ in the past. Why? I couldn’t connect with the blog/blogger.
Does that mean the blog isn’t interesting or the blogger doesn’t have something good to offer?

Perhaps not.

What didn’t come across as interesting was the way the ‘about page’ was put together. Believe it or not, what your about page says about you or what your blog has to offer, is important. What you are about and the message of your blog should be made clear in the simplest language possible. People may stumble across a post or an article you wrote and decide to check out your home base. Many times, one click on your about page will decide if they subcribe or become just another passer-by. And that goes to say, that leaving your about page blank is completely out of the question. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s been known to happen.
Only two kinds of blogs have successfully won me over without me checking out their about page:

1. A blog’s sparkling personality, which I find entertaining, puts a smile on my face and makes me feel part of my niche/community.

2. A blog that has more than once provided solution, great advice and information that helps solve my unique problems and helps with my personal growth and development.

What are my trying to say?

When I stop by a blog that has piqued my interest but I’m not yet sure if I should subscribe, an about page is my final stop. One look and I decide if I’m a visitor or a lodger.

So what makes a great about page, you ask? Check out the points below:

A. Personality. What does your about page say about your personality? Does it present you as fun, perky and human, or is it as formal as your resume? I would not recommend the latter, even for a business blog.

B. Message. What exactly is your blog offering? I’ve visited some about pages and in the end still found myself confused as to what the blog is specifically about. That,is a no no! Decide what disease your blog is going to cure in the blogosphere and make sure it is part of your message. So many people are seeking attention these days, and readers will only give it where they find it worthwhile.

C. Approachable. This is very important. Some about pages pay so much attention to listing achievements that they make the blogger appear stern, forbidding and almost snubbish. Don’t get me wrong. Achievements are good and should be duely noted, but not at the cost of making you appear super human, and consequently, almost unapproachable by the average person.

D. Neat. However you choose to present your message, make it simple and clear. I said a few lines back that I found some about pages confusing. Part of the reason is lack of clarity. Let your language be as simple and easy to understand as possible. If you are telling a story that is important to the message, do so without creating clutter and make it as short as possible. Believe it or not, the neatness of your message makes it a lot more interesting and helps the message put smiles on people’s faces.

E. Update. Also very important. If you’ve been a blogger long enough, you know that blogs go through change. What you blogged about two years ago may not be what you’re blogging about now. That’s because blogs grow, and so does the blogger. It’s important you update your bio, message and contact so your readers trust that you are current.

I hope you find these helpful. What other ideas do you have for an awesome about page?

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  1. Interesting food for thought, Miranda – thanks for writing this!

    I’m a girl who finds it hard to write about herself so most of my “bios” are thrown together after several mini bios I was asked to write for writing projects or writing in various online e-zines. You’ve pointed out some great ideas though. Thanks!

  2. Rissi, I know what you mean. Sometimes putting together an impresive ‘about’ page could be more daunting than it appears. However I’ve found that if I decide on what I want to say about myself and my message, it is a lot easier to say it as simply as possible, not specifically with the aim of coming across as impressive. I just speak my mind in my own voice. And usually, it turns out decent enough. I hope to talk about that in the next two to three posts in the coming days.

    Thanks for the sweet and for stopping by! 🙂 🙂

    • It’s a wonderful journey to discover your blog’s personality! One thing I know that helps, is when you move around the blogosphere, ask yourself, what blogs stop you in your tracks and cause you to dream and be inspired? It might be a hint as to your true niche. You can start building from there.

      I’m glad you found this post helpful. 🙂

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