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How Awesome Is Your ‘About’ Page? (Part 2)


It is important you choose what kind of ‘about’ page your blog will have, right after you decide what your blog is about. This helps in attracting the interest of the kind of readers you seek.

What are the types of ‘about’ pages, you ask?

Come with me below.

  1. The Bio ‘About’ Page. This kind is straight and easy. You state your full name, degrees/certificates, achievements and what your blog offers. You may or not work with your first name. Nothing much more. If done right, it comes off formal enough but with a touch of your humanity sprinkled all over. I would recommend this type to bloggers who strictly want to make money with their blog. In other words, you’re a professional of some sort offering a product or some kind of service. Keep this in mind though: your readers will likely share a lot of your posts on social media but may not take the time to get personal with you. Expect more questions than leisure comments. Your blog is a business, and readers will interpret it as such.
  2. The Theme ‘About’ Page. The blogger may introduce him/herself by their full name but lets you know that they are willing to interact on a first name- or nick name basis. They take the time to introduce and explain the theme or message of their blog, which may include a short, true life story that inspired the theme. They would also, directly or indirectly, invite you to come along with them on their journey. Friendliness and community building/networking is the name of the game here. And the blogger is prepared to make it as fun-packed as possible. Such blogs welcome leisure comments, opinions and are more than willing to exchange friendly gestures between the participants. I would recommend this kind of ‘about’ page to authors who run a blog on their websites, book bloggers, entertainment/lifestyle bloggers and journal bloggers.
  3. The Hybrid ‘About’ Page. This simply is #1 and #2 merged together. The blogger presents him/herself as a professional, but makes room for the informal. They are totally cool sticking with a first name but a nick name is unlikely. They let you know they mean business with what they’re up to, but would love a friendly community as well, and enjoy a one-on-one exchange of informal conversation with readers. I recommend this kind of blog to authors who are interested in more than a formal website, business bloggers who want a ‘neighborhood’ community on their site, book bloggers (if you dare), entertainment/lifestyle bloggers as well. This is not necessary for a journal blog, in my opinion. Basically, most of the type of bloggers in #2 can work with the Hybrid if they want to represent themselves as professionals with a product/service or if they are simply okay with sharing a ‘bio’ information.

Note that each type of ‘about’ page is unique and some may be considered better than others. I believe however it solely depends on what the blogger wants to achieve. Choose what works best for you and your blog, but please, choose wisely. How potential readers perceive your personality on your ‘about’ page will decide if they stay with you or not. A reader will ONLY subscribe to your blog if it fulfills a need, whether social or non-social. Also, the list of blogs underneath each type of ‘about’ page may include more than I’ve listed. In reading about the ‘about’ pages, use your discretion in deciding where your blog would best fit.

So, what kind of ‘about’ page do you have and why did you choose it? Did you know before now the importance of choosing one? Please leave a comment.


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