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The Three Types of Bloggers (Almost) Every Blogger Will Always Have In Their Blogging Experience

You’ve probably heard that one of the smartest things a good blogger should do is to network with other bloggers, especially those in their niche. This is something most essential in the growth of a blog and the blogger, and cannot be done away with.

On that note, let’s take a look at the types of bloggers almost every blogger will always come across in their blogging experience. Believe it or not, you fit into one, two or all three!

  1. The Mentor Blogger. This blogger has been in the business for a while and has come a long way. S/he has picked up a few good tricks along the way and has something to teach any beginner. They are well established and represent a standard that you hope to one day measure up to. They may not necessarily be the biggest bloggers out there, but they are a source of inspiration that you constantly draw from—in short, they are your mentors. It is good to admire their work, but what’s most important is that you take lessons from them. Remember, there is an inner burning inside you that lets you recognize that they are something like what you hope to become in future. The time taken to learn the necessary tricks through personal experience could be diced into half or less by learning from these folks. So rather than drowning yourself in your wishing well as you admire them, take a step further and learn everything you can from them. If you can contact them with questions and have them respond to you, fine! But if that’s not the case, take what you can get. It is always worth it.
  2. The Sibling Blogger. This group of bloggers is any blogger’s favorite. They are your true niche. They speak your language, and you understand theirs. You admire each other’s work, and you seek to help and cheer one another. These bloggers are on the same level (or about the same level) as you, in the blogosphere. You write on similar topics, have common interests, exchange emails back and forth and your names float among each other every once in a while in the social media. You’re like siblings that grow together in the blogosphere. Given time, this group will morph into one powerful network unique to their kind. Know what I’m talking about? Now, if you’ve found yourself among this kind of niche, don’t take it lightly. These people are your brothers and sisters. They’re the ones (outside family and friends) that will cheer you on when you need it the most. You’ll learn from one another as you grow together. You will share a bond that makes the blogging experience a whole lot easier and more fun. For the times that it will feel like you and your blog are talking to no one but yourself, these dear siblings pop in every once in a while to let you know you’re not alone. Hold on to them very tightly, because they’re priceless gems! In years to come, each of you will have a wonderful story to tell that will include the other bloggers in your journey.
  3. The Young Blogger. These bloggers are newbies. They just got into the gig and are full of ideas and enthusiasm—and that’s a good thing. They haven’t found their footing yet, but are eager to learn (unless the blogger is strictly a journal blogger with little or no interest in growing a community). Now, if you’ve been in the business for some time, these bloggers will discover you and likely take interest in how you run your blog. Basically, you become a mentor—a guide—to them. It doesn’t matter that you’re not a hundred percent pro. You’ve been there longer than they have, and they recognize that they can learn something from you. Please, let me advice, if such bloggers have approached you, don’t be rude, arrogant and snobbish (unless they give you a VERY strong reason to). Reason? You’ve been there before, and it wasn’t fun when a bigger blogger brushed you aside because they thought you had nothing to offer. Remember you too have mentor bloggers that you hope will pay attention to you. Do the same with these bloggers. You never know what you might learn from them. Who knows, they may grow and one day become your peers in the business. Besides, it NEVER hurts to be nice to another person.

Well, you have my list of bloggers that almost every kind of blogger will come across in their blogging experience. Deep inside you, you know which kind of blogger you are. You may belong to only one group, or two. If you’ve been there long enough, you’ve certainly have been all three. Whatever group you find yourself, embrace it and enjoy your blogging experience. Keep your dream to become bigger no matter what you experience out there, and please, be kind to others.

Happy Holidays!

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