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Book Review ~ Beyond Resolution by Rose Dee

About the Book

Beyond ResolutionSamara lives a life filled with fear. After being discarded and beaten by her trouble making boyfriend, she takes one easy out after another. Her choices lead her down the road of self-destruction, into the degrading world of stripping and a life spent looking over her shoulder. Until an encounter with a stranger on a Kings Cross Street provides the catalyst for a life changing event that leads her back home.
Resolution is the last place in the world Jed wants to be. One drastic decision has led him to the Island resort and back into strained contact with his brother, Flynn.
From the bright lights of Sydney to the blue waters of Resolution Island, Beyond Resolution is a story that provides a window into the joy of forgiveness, trust and peace.



Christian/Contemporary Romance

My Rating

4 out of 5 (stars)

My Review

When I read the back cover copy of this book, I assumed it would be full of thriller. But it wasn’t. That’s not to say that I was disappointed with the story. Far from it. It turned out to be a good romance, but with its own unique twists and theme.

I liked the manner in which this story explored fear, vanity and their consequences. Rose didn’t spare us on how low a person could sink if they let themselves be a victim of these two. This was Samara’s—the lead female character—case. She sank so low in heart and spirit, as well as everything else. But God in His graciousness had provided a person for her that would lead her back to life, even before she knew that she needed it. And when she finally realized that she did, it was amazing following her story and seeing how God’s mercy shrouded her from terrible consequences that could have resulted from her past mistakes.

This story also showed how dangerous and destructive anger could be in a person’s life if they don’t ask God to help them deal with it. This was Jed’s—the male lead character—shortcoming. Mixed with his pride, he often demanded perfection, even from himself, which further frustrated him when he failed. It was until his anger started to cost him, that he was forced to admit his powerlessness and imperfections.

It is interesting to point out that these two people fell in love before they discovered God. However, each had personal issues that messed up and nearly destroyed their lives, and didn’t let them be together. It was until they went their separate ways and found God before they were able to forgive and love each other again.

You could see that the romance between these two people was intense. However, I didn’t find it so engaging. I can’t say I ever looked forward to the next scene where they’d be together. I was more interested in the monologue that showed the positive growth of the characters as God dealt with them, and in how the story unfolded to their happily ever after.

The setting of this story—in Australia—was so rich and refreshing. It made me fall in love all over again with islands and beaches, even the small towns and rural communities mentioned in the story. The simplicity of life of the characters in the later part of the story spurred from these environments. It was quite refreshing! I applaud Rose for that.

This story underscored some serious truths. You can choose to ignore reality, but one thing nobody can do, is ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. The positive side to this was that it showed that God can deliver anyone, even from the worst of troubles. With God, ALL things are possible, and healing is absolutely available if you would choose to lay down fear and put your trust in Him. It was amazing following how deep grace could go, especially in Samara’s life. There were other side lessons that were not exactly the main theme, but caught my attention, making this book very special to me.

I also found the book cover fascinating. Her legs clad in fitted jeans, and the high heeled shoes show that this was a woman who took elegance, glamor and sophistication very seriously, as was evident in the initial Samara met in the story before her life turned around. Also, the intense mix of colors represents the diverse emotions in and around her world, something you couldn’t miss in the story. The streaks of light on the ground indicate the fast paced life that Samara found herself in, and struggled to survive. Standing in the middle without facing either directions of the wood panels of the floor and light, represent the crossroads Samara found herself as she struggled to make choices. According to the story, she could have turned either way—right or wrong. Which would it be? I guess the end told us that.

I found this story very engaging and enjoyed it a lot. I’ll be looking out for other books by Rose Dee.

*Although I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My thanks to Book Crash and Even Before Publishing for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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