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Sunny Sunday Poetry ~ THE GAIN

I’ve learned that there’s so much to gain
If I let the Lord remove my stain
Sometimes it’s painful—more than a sprain
That I feel downcast and a load of strain
But I know my Lord wants me to train
And become.something good and not vain
This way, I won’t be sad like poor Cain
Who lost something good and main
All of me—God may have to drain
That sin in my life would wane
Because sadness and sorrow—sin is the bane
So off it must go, cut down and lain
Where the blood will wash it like rain
And no, I promise, I’m not insane
But sure, faithfilled and perfectly sane
This is my path, my journey, my lane
And this way I ‘ll stay, like the great dane
Who at his master’s feet lies with trust so plain
And yes, I’ll have the power to overcome pain
So that my struggles—one by one—will be slain
Then my life will weave beautifully like chair made of cane
I may not be perfect like the varnish on my window’s pane
But I will trust my God who promised me so much gain.

You can also find this poem on facebook. My gratitude for sharing and supporting it with a like.

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