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Conquered~ The Parable of Truth (SE007)

Michael, the fiery being and mighty seraph, stopped in midair over the great plains of Shinar. His golden brows creased and caused a frown to smack across his glistering face as his fiery eyes peered down at the Tribe of Men.
The Tribe was busy with construction—that was nothing new. As the tribe multiplied, the settlement grew, so they always had to build. But this was no ordinary construction. This was something that had never been done before—a magnificent tower that would touch the heavens!
What do they think they’re doing? This will never stand.
If Michael remembered correctly, after the King had shown Noah’s family the mercy of being saved from the Great Flood, King ElShaddai established a covenant with Noah and the generations to come. Part of the blessing of the covenant was that men would multiply and fill the earth—all four corners of it. Now, here they were doing something that would slow down or hinder that.
Michael sighed and shook his golden head. “The King won’t approve of this.”
With zealous energy, he flapped his great wings and shot farther up into the sky with the swiftness of wind, until the light and clouds swallowed him up.

King ElShaddai already knew why the mighty seraph approached His throne. By His power of omnipresence, ElShaddai, together with Emmanuel and Spirit—The Great Council of Trinity—had gone down in the spirit and witnessed the latest work of the Tribe of Men. Corrupted in heart and flesh, it didn’t surprise ElShaddai that men easily leaned towards treachery and rebellion. Of course, Michael knew that ElShaddai already knew what was happening. But loyalty, duty, and obedience bound Michael to forward a report.
With two great feathery and snow-white wings spread to cover his bowed head, two others to cover his feet, and the remaining two clapped behind him, Michael approached the throne, and fell on a knee. “The bricks that they use are thoroughly baked, and they use tar for mortar.” Michael’s head remained bowed and hidden as he spoke.
ElShaddai nodded. “I have seen it all. It must be stopped.”
“Yes, Sire.”
“Not only does it hinder the blessing that comes from spreading to the corners of the earth, as you rightly thought, it will lead them to higher rebellion. If the Great Council allows them to accomplish this, with one language and tongue nothing will be impossible for them on earth, which will cause them to believe the lie that they won’t need our guidance anymore. This is what the deceiver wants.”
“What do we do, Sire?” Michael sounded concerned.
ElShaddai posed a finger on His chin in a thoughtful manner. Soon, a smile tugged His lips, and His fiery eyes danced, igniting a spark of  smoke and glory. He turned to Emmanuel and Spirit who were seated at His right hand, passing to them His thoughts with one look.
ElShaddai then turned back to Michael. “Stir up a cup of confusion that I will pour out on them myself. And let the tower that they’re building be forever called Babel. For I will confuse their tongue and language, multiplying it into many, that they may not understand each other, and so be forced to scatter across the earth. This way, they will benefit from the blessing I promised Noah, their ancestor.”

To Be Continued. Read SE001, SE002, SE003, SE004, SE005, SE006.

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