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Book Review ~ None of the Above by Dr. Tommy Shavers

About the Book

None of the AboveNone of the Above will take you on a powerful and sobering journey to discover the true meaning of worship. This book reveals worship in such a unique way that after reading, your view of worship will never be the same again. None of the Above addresses some of the more unspoken and unfortunate consequences of inappropriate worship. It will call everyone who reads it to a relationship with God that is like no other. Are you ready to see worship from a different point of view?






My Rating

5 out of 5 (stars)


My Review

Rarely have I come across a book that sits you down to have a candid chat with you, and as though it was written specifically for you.

Dr. Tommy first all attempts to refocus the reader’s mind on who God is, who man is, and on the right platform on which we ought to place each, from the creation point of view. He then delicately and meticulously dismantles the word “worship”, and then simply and carefully, sets it back up, piece by piece, to appropriately define worship and its place in our lives, using Scriptural verses.

This is just the beginning, as it sets the premise to discuss something deeper.

Dr. Tommy then candidly unravels the truth about worship in our world today, even opening our eyes to the concepts of it that exist in the church. While he nails the issues surrounding worship on a general level, it is interesting to note that he did the same on an individual level as well. You can’t read this book and not be personally challenged to ask yourself some serious questions, that is, if you’re truly interested in having a heart of worship towards God. This book is so in-depth that it raises a mirror that will reflect who you are to yourself. Issues like money and music are dealt with, so that we see the pedestal on which we’ve placed them in our personal lives. If you truly want to serve God, you can’t escape the interrogation that will rise within you as you question where you’ve placed God and these things in your life; you will see where and how you’ve fallen, or identity one point or the other in the past where you did; it will persuade you to acknowledge and be awed by God’s faithfulness in keeping your feet from straying into idol worship at certain junctures in your life; and it will also persuade you to take special care in identifying those vices that could/have caused you to fall into idolatry.

As you read this book, you will find where you fit in as a follower, leader, or even both. Are you a leader/influencer of some sort? Are you someone that when you speak others listen? Do you have a voice where others don’t, and so are placed and treated as someone special? Are you in a position where you are highly regarded and people look up to you?—this book is for you!

Are you a follower/member of something you deem highly important to you? Do you have a mentor/leader that you highly regard and look up to? Do you find yourself in a situation where you know you truly want to serve God, but a lurking thought in your mind (and you believe what it says) insists that you’re being distracted, and that this distraction is a hindrance to your relationship with God and spiritual growth?—this book is for you too!

While I’ll gladly love to recommend this book to everyone, sadly I think not everyone will like to discover the truth that this book has to offer. Who wants a mirror held up before them only to discover that their reflection is not as pretty as they’d thought? However, if you truly have a heart for God and you desire to truly worship Him, and you earnestly want those temptation vices that you may have unconsciously overlooked pointed out to you, then this book is for you.

*Although I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My thanks to Dr. Tommy Shavers for a free copy in exchange for my honest and humble opinion.

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About the Author

tommy02_72ppiDr. Tommy Shavers is a speaker, author, minister, and college professor. He is president and co-founder of Unus Solutions Inc., a Christ-centered non-profit organization focused on practicing and promoting collaboration and teamwork as the way to make a difference. He serves as the lead Pastor for the Unus initiative True River Ministries. Tommy is also president of Tommy Speak LLC., a speaking and consulting company which focuses on leadership, teamwork, and communication. He is a former athlete, and coach. He holds a Bachelor’s in Organizational Communication, Master’s in both Interpersonal Communication and Biblical Studies, and a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. He is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Delta Mu Delta National Business Honor Society, and is a contributing writer for the Linked 2 Leadership Blogazine. Connect with Tommy on twitter @Tommy_Speak.


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