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Cover Reveal & A Giveaway! ~ Love’s Promise by Sandra LeeSmith


I have to say it!—this cover is my favorite of the three in the series. It’s so beautiful and full of … well, love and promise!! Lol!

What do I love about this cover so much?

A LOT of things. First is the color blue, oh, so full of calm, gentleness, and kindness—the very things anyone would seek to find in true love. I love the white clothes that the models are wearing. The white symbolizes a purity that exists in their love. For goodness sakes, who wouldn’t want the love that you share with your soul mate to be pure and true? The white stands out against the darkened hue of the background, yes? Indeed, true and pure love shines even in the darkness. It’s the way God created it to be!

Also, there’s a sunset (though not visible in the cover) that illuminates the horizon and also appears on the surface of that clam, bluish water. Tell me, who wouldn’t want to ride off into the sunset with their true love? And to observe bits of that beautiful red light on the side of her face that aligns her lovely hair gives the idea that this red color that also represents love, shines through her. Of course it does! The sunset does tell that there’s something promising brewing between these two anyway, so much so that it shows in their smiles too.

Finally, notice her hand on his heart? It’s like a pledge, an allegiance—to always be there for him. Her hand stays in a way that tells that she knows she owns his heart, but at the same time, she promises to take good care of it. That’s just beautiful!

Indeed, everything about this cover tells the story of Love’s Promise. Wouldn’t you agree?

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About the Book

For Monica Scott, building her late father’s house at Lake Tahoe isn’t an option—it’s a necessary distraction from confusing memories and an uncertain future. But a handsome planner working for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) is keeping Monica from moving forward with the project. Never mind that he’s young and charming with a great sense of humor. No one is going to stop Monica from making her father’s dream—and her own—a reality.

All Greg Linsey wants is for his work to mean something. His job at TRPA gives him the opportunity to fight for the environment he loves and make a difference in his small corner of the world. But with the sophisticated Monica Scott’s arrival, his dedication is tested as never before, especially when Monica turns to his unscrupulous nemesis for assistance.

As Greg and Monica’s animosity turns into something far sweeter, can they learn to accept each other’s promises and avoid the growing danger to their lives and hearts?

About the Author

SandraLeesmithSANDRA LEESMITH  loves to travel in her RV and explore all of nature’s beauty, discover America’s history, and fellowship with the wonderful people she meets while on the road. She

enjoys reading, writing, hiking, swimming, and pickleball. Learn more about Sandra and her books at


About the Cover Designer

wpid-Lena-480px.jpgLENA GOLDFINCH writes fantasy and romance for teens and adults. She’s a sucker for a good old-fashioned romance, whether it’s a novel, novella, or short story, young adult or adult, fantasy or realistic, contemporary or historical. Elements of romance, fantasy, and mystery have a way of creeping into her writing, even when she’s writing something light and contemporary like her latest releases, Haunting Joy and Take a Picture. Lena has been a finalist in several national writing contests, including the RWA Golden Heart and ACFW Genesis contests. She lives in a scenic small town in Massachusetts with her husband, two kids, and a very spoiled Black Lab. Learn more about Lena and her books at

A Giveaway!

To celebrate the cover reveal and e-book release of Love’s Promises, Sandra is giving away a red leather-bound journal perfect for recording your own promises! The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, and you can enter via a Rafflecopter giveaway form. Just follow the link, or go to my facebook.

To read the Savvy Saturday Weekly paper for readers and writers, go here.


  1. Fabulous analysis, my friend! It’s fun to read your predictions on the story, knowing what it entails. 🙂 Regarding the white clothes symbolizing purity, that’s really neat, as there is a thread of purity running throughout the story. And you are spot on with the hand thing! That’s a brilliant observation. The story was originally titled “Vows of Love,” and the themes of commitment & promises/vows is very prevalent. I love how the hand on his heart really shows that so beautifully. I’m glad you noticed that and pointed it out! 🙂

    Always fun to read your thoughts on a cover or story, Miranda! Thank you so much for participating in the cover reveal. 😀


    • Thank you for your beautiful words, Amber! *blushing* I’m truly humbled that you think I’m spot on. Pictures are such beautiful puzzles to unlock, I simply can’t pass that up! I especially loved this one because of the beautiful story it told! It was truly a pleasure to participate in this cover reveal. Thank you for including me! 🙂

  2. Wow MIranda, You really did see a lot with the cover. That shows how talented Amber and Lena are with their gifts. smile And yes, the hand on the heart is perfect. I didn’t even think of that until you pointed it out. Great going. Thanks for sharing my new cover.

  3. The pleasure’s all mine Sandra. 🙂 Thank you so much for the sweet words. Loved this cover so much, and had even more fun unlocking its story. I’m glad I got to be a part of this party!

  4. Wow! I’ve loved reading your thoughts on the cover, especially on the white/purity. I didn’t pick up on that, but it makes me like the cover that much more! 🙂 This is my favorite of Sandra’s covers, too.

    • I know! It’s such a lovely cover. Lena did great. There’s a sensuality about it that draws you in.

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Hallo, Hallo! 🙂

    Wasn’t it wicked sweet fun, today hosting the Cover Reveal!? I am so happy a lot of readers were able to get caught up in the excitement like those of us who were thrilled to bits to be the announcers! You gave a lot of heart and depth into the imagery on the cover, and I loved seeing where your mind took you with what was visually represented! I haven’t yet read Ms. Leesmith’s books nor the first two in this particular series, so I was simply showcasing the cover as a ‘reveal’ as I didn’t have as much to impart from knowing her work as a reader. I think you gave a good glimpse into what can be found being that it clearly shows how much you enjoy reading her stories!

    • Believe it or not, Jorie, I ALWAYS try to unlock the story in the cover first, before picking up the book. It’s where the real challenge and fun are. And as it is, I haven’t read this one. Amber on the other hand who edited the book, says I’m spot on. That just makes me so thrilled! 😀

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

      • Hallo Ms. Uyeh!

        I attempt to do the same yet my confidence sometimes abates if I haven’t read the author previously. I still like to dream about the characters and the possible story-line therein! I do try to remember to mention if the art on the cover aligns with the story’s content but there are times when I am reviewing a book I get all caught up in the narrative & the characters I can tend to forget!! 😦 Laughs. I think that’s the best compliment to receive: to be bang-on with the story *ahead!* of reading it! I can say I enjoyed your take on it!

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