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Movie Promo ~ Abducted To Kill by Pola Muzyka

Hello Folks!

It is my pleasure to present to you a Christian movie in the making by award-winning writer, Pola Muzyka. I got to meet Lena Nelson Dooley, an award-winning novelist and screenwriter, not long ago through her blog, and I tell you, it’s a lovely, neat corner! Lena’s a part of the production crew for this movie. I got curious about it and we talked a bit through email. She then emailed me the poster and the press release, which is what I’m presenting to you today.

Friends, this movie is crowd-funded. It is based on a true story that shows the truth about the struggles of Christians in the Middle East. I encourage us all to visit Lena’s page here or here, or you can contact any of her colleagues to help fund this wonderful project. Below, you’ll find the contacts that you can use.

About the Movie/Higher Ground Films, (culled from the Press Release)

Abducted to KillATLANTA, GEORGIA—Just over a year ago, one group of film professionals gathered together and set out to tell a story about the struggle of Christians in the Middle East.
Spearheaded by award-winning author, Pola Muzyka, Higher Ground Films began to build. With members located throughout the continental United States, the production
staff includes industry veterans such as Mike Gorga, Lena Nelson Dooley, and Porter Versfelt, III.

The story is one of struggle, triumph, faith and love. The independent feature centers around Joseph, a young American who is forced into the Iranian military and caught up in the formation of a terrorist organization. Inspired by a true story, the film serves as an inspiration for heroism and the struggle of the underdog. As the story progresses we find Joseph presented with the choice to give in and save his family or stand on faith.
The same could be said of the team at Higher Ground Films. An underdog story in the
making, the team has pulled together in the mission to show the world the power of love
and the power of faith. The project is currently in development and a crowd-funding campaign is now live.
To learn more about the film and its crew and see how you may be a part of this growing
movement, go here.

ABDUCTED TO KILL highlights a message of faith against all odds!


Pola Muzyka, Senior Producer
Tel: 678-­‐493-­‐0626

Taylor Owenby, Public Relations
Tel: 404-­‐859-­‐5713

Brad Hartley, Promotions
Tel: 828-­‐406-­‐5805

You can find this post on facebook.

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