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Disney’s Possibly Next Block Buster ~ Maleficent

After Avengers, one would wonder, could there be a higher grossing movie from Disney? I thought that too! But that was before I learned of their next flick, and it seems to be making a lot of noise.

What is it, you ask? Maleficent. Basically, it’s the story of Sleeping Beauty told from the wicked fairy’s point of view, I think. Maleficent will be played by Hollywood’s Angelina Jolie.

It’s release date is May 30th, and I’m looking forward to viewing it, and posting a review. You can watch Disney’s third official trailer right after this piece. It’s quite intriguing–piques your interest, poses many questions you’ll want answered while leaving your appetite watered to know the whole story from this point of view.

And how was this achieved?

The dialogue, apart from the great technical quality of course. Give me a movie with a cheesy dialogue and you’ll lose my attention faster than lightening can strike. Not lying! This little clip showed very brilliant dialogue. Nicely put together with just enough to give you an idea of the story, capture your interest, and then leave you hanging for what comes next.

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  1. This film looks quite EPIC! It’s one mom and I are planning on see for a “girl’s day” and I have great hopes for it. Especially after enjoying the recent Snow White re-tellings. Enjoy!

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