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~ Pieces of a Page ~ To Die Once Acknowledgment Page & an Announcement!

Writing To Die Once was quite a journey, getting it out there to the world is another and we’re almost there! I have so many people to thank for this, and an Acknowledgment Page won’t do justice to that, but I have to try. Here it is!

… an excerpt from To Die Once


First of all, I’d like to thank You, God, for granting me the desire of my heart. Dear Lord, You’ve been a wonderful King, Father, and Friend to me. You’ve taken me by the hand, led me out of the darkness and into the light, and given me a promise, a hope, and a future. I’m truly grateful!

Dad and mum, thank you for loving me! Your care and support have been sturdy pillars for me to lean on. I bless the Name of the Lord for giving you to me as parents, and may He enable me to always do right by you.

Bernedette, Elizabeth, Christabel and Kevin—my siblings—I love you with all my heart! I thank you for believing with me that this dream is possible. Your encouragement and positive attitude kept me going far more than you’ll ever know. It is my prayer that God, our heavenly Father, will grant each of you your heart desires. I can’t wait to see what the Lord will accomplish through each of you. I bubble with joy imagining it already! And may the good Lord enable me to be a blessing to you the way each of you have been a blessing to me.

Amber—my dear friend and editor—I bless the day that the Lord led me to you! Little did I know how much the Lord will use you to bless me. You are not just my friend, but also my sister. I love you and I pray that God will grant every desire of your heart. May He take you higher in your endeavors, and may He bless your family as well.

Lena, my wonderful and talented cover designer—I thank you for your support and patience. You listened to all my ideas (as numerous as they were!) and did your best to accommodate them, while offering me the best that a gifted and professional cover designer could. Together, we, along with Amber and Rachelle, overcame the biggest obstacle that threatened to come in the way of us working together. I don’t kid myself for a second that it wasn’t love and kindness from the three of you that pulled us through. So I pray for you, that God will bless you and keep you, and that His countenance will shine upon you and your family always.

Rachelle, my gifted proofreader, I thank you for opening your arms to me and embracing me without hesitation. You didn’t have to offer the support that you did and at a very trying time for me, but I’m thankful that you were willing to. Through your careful observation, I’ve found that my writing skill has improved—thank you for that! I pray God blesses the work of your hands and takes you to higher heights.

K. Victoria Chase and Rektok Ross—my friends and fellow authors—thank you for your support! Your advice and words of encouragement are very much cherished. You took the time out of your busy schedules to pay attention to me, and I’m truly grateful for that. May God bless you for your kindness, grant the other desires of your hearts, and take your careers to greater heights.



Friends, please check out my official endorsement of each of these wonderful people that worked with me: Amber, Rachelle, and Lena!

Tori, Amber, Rektok, Lena, and Rachelle, I love you all! So glad I found you on this side of heaven. You have indeed made this girl very happy!! many blessings to you!

Amber’s Endorsement

wpid-Amber.jpgApart from Amber’s sweet, patient, and understanding nature, she is so easy to work with. She takes the mess that your work is, dismantles it, and builds it back up with you. Her keen sense of perception, as well as her able professional skills, come together to gently nudge you/your work towards perfection so that the end product is a literary masterpiece! I wish I could say more, but words fail me in expressing my absolute gratitude and appreciation. I took my baby, To Die Once—rough and deformed, and put it in her hands, and she scraped, probed, and cleaned until it shone so bright, I couldn’t believe it! Thank you, Amber, for your friendship and skill. With me, you’ll always have a grateful heart!

Find Amber here!

Rachelle’s Endorsement

Rachelle ReaRachelle Rea’s kind, sweet, and gentle personality, added to her professionalism, make working with her a joyful experience. Her sharp eye is quick to spot those little mistakes that an author might miss or overlook. Her neat side notes/comments not only seek to correct, but to coach you so that you also understand the reasons behind them. Besides her amazing skills and principle to keeping to deadlines, her other ethics have two sweet and powerful objectives: to make your book shine, and to turn you into a better writer. I/my work can certainly testify to that!

Find Rachelle here!

Lena’s Endorsement

wpid-Lena-480px.jpgLena Goldfinch has the God-given talent to not only hear the descriptive words of an author, but to also hear the heart and the story it’s trying to tell. Her amazing insight allows her to create a cover that tells the full story of a book. And she does so with much listening, patience, speed, sweetness, kindness, and professionalism. She blew my mind when she started to put together the pieces of To Die Once cover on our secret pin board, so that I had difficulty choosing which cover I preferred the most. I’m looking forward to working with Lena again, and again, and again!

Find Lena here!


You can join the fun in the giveaway party or learn more about this book by visiting its page, pinterest board, and by following this twitter hashtag #ToDieOnce. 10 people will win an ebook each very week! You can enter by following this link.

My Announcement!

A lot of my friends have already heard this, but I thought it good to let you my readers know that recently I was selected to be part of the 2014 INSPY Award panel of judges! I’m truly excited and looking forward to beginning the work of a judge this year! Celebrate with me!!

You can also find this post on facebook!

About To Die Once

To-Die-Once-ebook-coverA NOVEL

Two men, one woman, a rosebush …

… a terrible past, an uncertain future

Jennifer, a woman unexpectedly trapped in a path of love and passion against everything she believes.

Rodrigo, a man set to get what he wants at the cost of what matters most.

Stefano, a man with a past, a story to tell and passion to offer.

Chidi, a friend in need, a friend indeed. Or not?

From a culture where good girls follow the norm and live as they’ve been told, Jennifer is no different from any other girl until by happenstance, she meets and falls in love with Rodrigo, a man who’s handsome, rich and foreign. Different. She has no idea who he is or what he does, and is swept into a world of romance and passion. It is not long before she discovers a shocking truth that shakes both her world and his.

Then he is gone.


Stefano shows up at a time when Jennifer has made up her mind about the rules of life. He thinks she’s beautiful and is in love with her. In a bid to convince her to give him a chance in her life, old memories once buried are brought to life. And the events that follow don’t leave anyone unaffected by the truth of the past that was left unsettled.


Meanwhile, Jennifer with her friend Chidi, find themselves on a self-discovery journey that has one of them raising questions.


Some just have to ask, where is God in all this?


… an inspirational romance, from Lagos to Italy.

 To read the Savvy Saturday Weekly paper go here.


  1. This is so sweet, Miranda! Love your acknowledgements – I’d say they are WELL deserved for your creative team (Amber, Lena and Rachelle), and you’ve put it so beautifully.

    Three cheers for INSPYs! So fun. 🙂

    • Thank you, Rissi! I agree with you, they truly deserve every word. Thank you so much for the cheers! Looking forward to working with you! 🙂

  2. What a lovely acknowledgement! Dear Miranda, thank you for your kind words and sweet and generous spirit. It’s been a gift and a pleasure to meet and work with you. Glad we could overcome the obstacles of being half a world apart on this globe. 🙂 I wish you all the best with your book launch! Hugs.

  3. Miranda, your acknowledgements and endorsements are so sweet and heartfelt – and I’m blown away by your deeply kind words! We had quite the journey, for sure, but I’m so glad God worked it all out and brought us all together as a team to work on your story. Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful endorsement! I’m also grateful for your friendship – and for the experience you gave me. 🙂 Love you, too! *Big Hugs*


    • Amber, what else can I say, but that you deserve every single word! I’m looking forward to working with you again. Thank you so much for everything. 🙂

      Hugs right back!

      ~ Miranda

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