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Sunny Sunday Poetry Special Feature ~ Chidi’s Psalm (To Die Once, Part 6) & The Giveaway Winners!

Hello Friends!

Hope you had a lovely weekend? Mine was quite eventful. Whoever said being a published author is easy pie? No, it’s not! Anyway, in case you haven’t heard, To Die Once is now available on Amazon. Readers, I would truly love to hear from you if you’re interested in contacting me!

And now, on to the reason for this post. Today, I’m presenting to you Chidi’s Psalm. I call it a psalm because Chidi tells the story from her point of view as a story/song/prayer. I love it!–because it depicts her character on a deeper level. Here it is!

What do you do when you find it’s winter

And the hurt on your finger was caused by a splinter

It seemed small, but it left a huge damage litter

Because like gold, it shone with a brilliant glitter

I have a friend–her joy I’d never hinder

Or cause to fall to pieces like cinder

It is my hope she receives true love that’s tender

Jenny, my friend, trust me I’m no offender

You feel love for this man like thick, crimson red

And are sure your spirits are united and kindred

So your heart has dreamy fantasies bred

But, oh, it’s dangerous grounds you’ve tred

I wish, and wish, you’d only use your head

So the writing on the wall will be read

But I find I have to pray in your stead

So further into danger you won’t tread

But you ran with your emotions and fled

By kisses and caresses you were led

So fast you pulled away like a sled

And my weeping heart only bled

I, too, fell in love and dreamed of a dress

To match my dancing, curly tress

But this, too, was not without stress

As my heart with thoughts of you continued to press

So I prayed for a day that the Lord would bless

And make the sorrow in my heart less

Because I realized that I was clueless

–I didn’t have the answer not to be careless

I wasn’t, after all, so smart, righteous and clever

Or knew the right button to push, or the lever

No, Jenny, in this matter I wasn’t a good friend–not ever

But I pray God makes things right forever

It’s not bad to dream and wait to see like a curious cat

What God will do to turn this thin situation fat

And we pray for no more lies that will pester like a rat

And that our love will be stronger than a mere tit-for-tat

Then in His mercies, God showed His loving grace

And, we who were tired from our long race

Were wiped clean, made whole so sorrow left no trace

In our beautiful world where love once again filled every space.


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I’m happy to announce the 10 winners this week! Here they are: Brook Barenfanger, Frances, Mai Tran, Susan Johnson, Kay Davis Moorhouse, Topazshell Norman, Sonja Hoeke-Nishimoto, Mary Agloro, Onyih Odunze, and Tina ‘Weaver’ Chen. Congrats, you all! You’ll receive an email bearing your gifts when the blog tour is over. If you didn’t win this time, you can still join in. The giveaway is open until the Saturday of the week of May 21st. Follow this link for a chance to win. Giveaway is international!

About the Book

To-Die-Once-ebook-coverA NOVEL

Two men, one woman, a rosebush …

… a terrible past, an uncertain future

Jennifer, a woman unexpectedly trapped in a path of love and passion against everything she believes.

Rodrigo, a man set to get what he wants at the cost of what matters most.

Stefano, a man with a past, a story to tell and passion to offer.

Chidi, a friend in need, a friend indeed. Or not?

From a culture where good girls follow the norm and live as they’ve been told, Jennifer is no different from any other girl until by happenstance, she meets and falls in love with Rodrigo, a man who’s handsome, rich and foreign. Different. She has no idea who he is or what he does, and is swept into a world of romance and passion. It is not long before she discovers a shocking truth that shakes both her world and his.

Then he is gone.

Stefano shows up at a time when Jennifer has made up her mind about the rules of life. He thinks she’s beautiful and is in love with her. In a bid to convince her to give him a chance in her life, old memories once buried are brought to life. And the events that follow don’t leave anyone unaffected by the truth of the past that was left unsettled.

Meanwhile, Jennifer with her friend Chidi, find themselves on a self-discovery journey that has one of them raising questions.

Some just have to ask, where is God in all this?

… an inspirational romance, from Lagos to Italy.

To read the Savvy Saturday Weekly paper, go here.



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