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Learning Something New & Beautiful …


There are those times in your Christian walk when it seems you’re so sure of all the answers, you know where you’re going, and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be—life couldn’t be better, you believe. In fact, how do non-Christians exist outside this awesome faith in God that has gifted you with such a blessed life, you ask.

Then, there are those days when the more you think about the questions of life, the more the answers elude you. You realize you don’t know as much as you thought you did. The very principles that stood as the foundation of your faith and protected the world you live in are falling apart right before your eyes and, you’re more confused and frustrated than ever before. Besides, where’s that breakthrough you were so darn sure was just around the corner anyway? Could it be that those things you believed aren’t true after all? And that the promises you heard God whisper to your spirit—the very ones that no one knows about, but you and God—were simply a figment of your imagination?

You’re suddenly not sure of anything anymore. The worst yet, you’re afraid to hope—it’s too painful when it turns out into one more disappointment you have to tuck away.

You look outside of you, it’s chaos—goodness! You’ll crash any minute now! Are you really going to make it?

Then you look inward, and God’s still voice whispers, “Wait. Have some more faith. It’s just a while longer. You’re not so far away from the promise, you know. In fact, you’re actually closer to it than you think.” And you go, “God, is that You? Are You really still here or are my going crazy?” Sigh. “I’m such a sinner for not having enough faith. Please forgive me! I promise to try harder. Why even are You still talking to me?”

… You’re not so far away from the promise, you know … you’re actually closer to it than you think.


It doesn’t feel like it. Or look like it. At all!

But I’ve learned something new …

In these times when it seems like all the doors have been shut and I’m in the dark hall way waiting for the next one to open, God is, indeed, very close by. Closer than you think even. He’s tearing down old walls and building new pillars—sturdy ones that will preserve you for/during the great things to come, so that when they do, the awesomeness of it all won’t overwhelm you and subsequently destroy you. It is important that when a reward comes, it doesn’t master you, but instead, God remains sovereign in your life. So, God takes the time to prepare you by stripping off every bit of thing that will fuel pride and foolishness so that you remain humble and give glory to Him in the end. You also need your knees and elbows strengthened to carry the load of responsibilities that will come with the privileges—unto whom much is given, much is required! Don’t you want to hear God say to you someday, “Well done, thou faithful servant?” I do! Think of it: isn’t that how God has dealt with you in the past? Was there ever a new level of faith or achievement you migrated to that God didn’t faithfully prepare you for it?—probably with trials prior to it? And the older and more mature you become in faith, the farther He stretches the trials to limits that you’re sure at that moment will make you snap! But in the end, you don’t. When you look back you know you’re stronger for it, and, even grateful that He made you go through it, because, suddenly, you can see the beautiful, long-lasting benefits of it all.

So buckle up! When those very testy times come around, don’t panic or be afraid. Have a better attitude towards them, for it’s a time to grow in faith for the very next breakthrough just around the corner … a time to learn something new and beautiful!


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