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Book Review & Giveaway! ~ Still by Eniola Prentice

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About the Book

stillA NOVEL

A broken soul …

… an alcoholic …

… a certifiable genius …

… a Christian man…

… and a secret that will destroy the bonds of their friendship.

When self-proclaimed atheist Fadesola, gets into medical school she believes that it’s a fresh start of sorts for her. Until she discovers her class mate is charming and handsome Tayo Smith, a man she encountered in a violent moment years ago. This revelation shatters Fadesola’s already fragile emotional state but hope comes where she least expects it. A seemingly innocent friendship with Tayo’s friend, Ladi, slowly develops into a smoldering relationship with both afraid to acknowledge their mutual feelings. Things get even more complicated when Nikky, Fadesola’s classmate and friend, ignores her desperate warnings and decides that Tayo is the man she is meant to be with. However, within the complexities of this friendship these flawed individuals will experience God’s redemptive grace in a setting each believed his love would never find them. Still, the first book of a four part series is a coming of age story about navigating through medical school in the first year, complete with hilarious hook ups and breaks ups, legendary parties and incessant studying, and experiencing the triumph of success and disappointment of failure.

Eniola Prentice, in her extraordinary debut novel has written a gripping and thought provoking story that examines Christianity, mental illness, suicide and alcoholism.

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My Rating

4 out of 5 (stars)

My Review

My Official Endorsement:

“A spell-binding prose of love, pain, and self-discovery that will endear you to its characters, and leave you entertained and pondering.”Miranda A. Uyeh, 2014 INSPY Award Judge and Author of To Die Once: Child of Grace #1.

This is the story of four medical students: how their personal stories overlap into each other’s, and in the end, how their personal issues evolve and play out into what becomes struggles that they have no choice but to take to God.

I liked that despite the fact Prentice told this story from the first person POV (point-of-view), she handled it well with more than four characters. It was surprisingly easy to follow and keep pace with. And although I initially feared that I may have to deal with plenteous medical jargon, that wasn’t the case at all. The plot, though set in the United States, was flavored with the Nigerian cuisine, customs etc, making it a richly, cultural story.

Although the story was clearly Christian, there wasn’t any definite theme that I could pick out … yet, but I sense the entire story, which will be played out throughout the series will eventually make it evident. One thing the author makes clear, though, is that none of the characters ended up in Stedman Medical School by accident. God set that time for each of them and wanted them there for a reason and a plan bigger than their individual stories.

I’d like to point out that my favorite character was Ladi. He seemed to be the most sensible and level-headed in the bunch.

One thing, though: some character placements didn’t quite appear realistic to me. They may be dismissed by other readers because it could be termed negligible … it’s all a matter of opinion. It doesn’t, however, hurt the story in anyway.

Overall, this was a soft, tender, yet thorny story of love, hurts, mistakes, hopes, and dreams neatly and beautifully put together by Prentice. I hope she continues to write because, she certainly is a talented writer. Well done, Prentice!

*Although I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My appreciation to the author for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


To celebrate the release of the novel, there is a three week giveaway of a signed copy of the novel, a 40-dollar Amazon gift card, AND a mystery gift!! You can enter via a Rafflecopter giveaway form. Just follow the link!

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About the Author

Eniola PrenticeEniola Prentice was born in Lagos Nigeria where she began to pen her stories as early as nine years old, inspired by an eclectic group of writers. Her budding writing career was put in the back burner as she pursued her dream of becoming a medical doctor, completing her undergraduate degree in Chicago, Illinois and her medical degree in Washington, DC. However in the third year of medical school inspired by the holy spirit or the voices in her head (she would prefer to blame God for this one) and the unique and inspiring stories of friends that became her family in medical school she began to write her debut novel and series, Still. She hopes that her writing compels challenges, inspires people and draws people to the Christian God’s redeeming love. You can connect with her by visiting

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