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Book Review ~ Shades of Brown by Cassietta Jefferson

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~ About the Book ~

shades_of_brown_coverAsami, Bonita, Morgan, and Sienna have shared everything including their laughter and tears. No matter the challenge, they always emerged stronger with their friendship intact. No one ever expected that they would be tested again so severely.

These women soon learn that although life brings its share of storms, it’s what they do in the midst of those storms that define their character. While navigating the worst storms of their lives, these captivating women discover the true meaning of friendship, faith, and family.

~ Genre ~

Christian/Women’s Fiction

~ My Rating ~

2 out of 5 (stars)

~ My Review ~

This is the story of four friends closer than sisters. From the first page you can see the genuine love that binds these women together. The story starts with them fresh out of high school, full of hope and dreams, and then sectioning the book into each of their personal stories before rounding up with them together again. Each section delves into the troubles that come along the way, posing great challenges that test their faith, and each woman walks away with a valuable lesson from the others’ stories, as well as their own, learning that all things are best left in the hands of God, and that God is capable of turning chaos into a chorus of victory.

It is quite clear the intent of the author—to offer a message of hope to her readers. However, I must confess that the writing is not what it should be. It is in serious need of professional editing. The plot obviously has great potential, but it is difficult to ignore the errors. First of, the entire book is grouped into only chapters, and not broken down into proper scenes. This would be relatively okay if the POVs (Points of View of each character) were constant and well managed, but they weren’t. Each chapter contained as many POVs as it did characters, and the POVs jumped in at any point in the plot—wherever a new character surfaced in dialogue or monologue, their POV took over, making it confusing at some points to follow the story. Also, there was a lot of repetition of words/phrases within the same frame of a dialogue/monologue, and even within a sentence/paragraph.

Description was relatively poor and proper chronology of some events was absent in the story. Segments/details were haphazardly placed in bits and pieces in the dialogue/monologue making it difficult to follow sometimes. Except for briefly describing some character gestures and immediate setting, the narrative was generally passive which didn’t allow character development at all. There were lots of “telling”, and very little “showing”.

In each personal story, the conclusion and the reactions of the characters were too abrupt in a bipolar sort of way—clearly for the convenience of the plot—to be realistic, eliminating the chance of a proper story arc to be developed. I simply had no choice but to take what the author told me was the “truth” of each situation. For instance: I found it disconcerting that the characters were generally spineless in the face of confrontation. Whenever approached to “confess” a secret, past, or deed that the author promised was safely guarded by the character in question, it was surprising how they easily crumbled and gave in—much for the convenience of the story so that there was a quick conclusion and peaceful, happy end.

Finally, there were lots of typo errors. The writing did get better towards the end, but I honestly don’t believe this book was even proofread.

On the theme aspect, there were some issues that were not properly addressed and wrapped up nicely. For instance, one of the lead characters had a cousin who obviously had a promiscuous lifestyle. His faith, or lack of it, didn’t seem to bother any of these women when he expressed interest in one of them. In fact, they encouraged it. That bothers me. Also, aside from the fact that the author “told” me that these women “knew” God, even at the end of the book—except for one of them. Okay! Maybe, two—I wasn’t entirely convinced. Perhaps if the story was stretched a little more to include a well developed arc, and with better writing, too, I would have believed it. Let me say this: Ms Jefferson has a lot of potential in becoming a masterful and skilled writer. She simply needs the guidance of a professional editor.

Warning: There are some sensitive parts of the story that are not appropriate for younger readers.

*Although I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. Much appreciation to Write Now Literary publicity for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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About the Author

Cassietta JeffersonCassietta Jefferson is a contemporary Christian author, publisher, editor, and blogger. She is the newest book reviewer for Prophetic Worship Intensive Christ Unit (PWICU); a faith based Radio and TV media platform. She is also the founder of Virtuous Ink Publishing LLC where she seeks to provide her readers with the best in contemporary Christian literature.

Cassietta earned her Bachelors of Applied Science in Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University and after traveling the country currently resides in Las Vegas Nevada. She is married to a proud retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant and together they have raised three children. Cassietta the youngest of ten siblings; seven older brothers and two older sisters who in addition to her wonderful parents help to shape her life.

In 2012, Cassietta published her first novel, Be Still & Know and published a novella, Timing is everything, the following year. Her latest book, Shades of Brown, is now available in print and ebook versions. To find out more about Cassietta Jefferson, visit

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