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Book Review ~ Running Back by Emily Camp

About the Book

Running BackSixteen year old Garrett Light is the middle child of a Christian family. He’s tired of living in his older brother’s shadow.

With football, friends and parties, he doesn’t have time to waste on his family and the several church services that he’s forced to go to every week.
Meeting the girl of his dreams is even more pressure on him when he has to keep her a secret. Though all secrets have a way of coming out. How far will he go before he realizes his family are the one he needs to turn to?
This story isn’t just about faith and first love. It’s also about relationships between friends and family.

This is the second in a series but can be read as a stand alone.


Christian/ YA Romance

My Rating

4 Stars (****)

My Review

This book is the sequel to Here Comes The Light. I liked that between the two books, the premise for Running Back was set in the second half of book #1, Here Comes The Light, only that the relevant details hashed out in book #2, which made it its own story, were absent in book #1, making the entire plot come together in full circle.

This is the story of Garrett and Bree. Unlike Bree, Garrett was raised in a Christian and loving family, but because of peer pressure and his popularity as the running-back in his school’s football team (a position next best to being quarterback), he rejected God and fell into a life of disobedience. He and Bree eventually got into trouble, bringing them face to face with the fact that in life, actions have consequences. A sudden tragedy that shakes them, as well as the school, has them running back to God (no pun intended).

This story opens up the world that a lot of teenagers are exposed to. The writing, if I may so say myself, is quite YA uncensored so that you can see that the author has no intention of sugarcoating the truth of what happens among teenagers in our world today when parents aren’t looking. Some parts of it are borderline sensual, but still handled well. Emotions are raw, characterization very in-depth, and the sense of time/setting are on point. The pain/tragic moments are as real as the characters, but in the end, hope, grace, forgiveness, and restoration reign, making it a fine read.

I hope to continue with the other books in the series as the author publishes them.

*Although I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My gratitude to the author for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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About the Author

Emily CampEmily lives at the top of a hill in rural Ohio where she spends her time between writing, reading, and homeschooling her two kids. In the summers she does most of her writing under an umbrella by her back yard pool. Emily’s love for fiction started before she could remember making up crazy stories in her head, as a little girl; her teen years was when her passion for writing began.
After becoming a mother she put her writing aside for several years, until God nudged her to pick it back up again. She self-published her first book, Here Comes the Light, in October 2013. Find Emily on facebook!

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