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Virtual Blog Tour & Book Review ~ Willow Springs by Caroline Steele


It’s a tour stop!

About the Book

Willow SpringsCrissa, beginning a new life in Willow Springs, finds herself caught between a local miner and a handsome Express rider. Laugh and cry with Crissa as she escapes her past to find true love.



My Rating

*** (3 Stars)

My Review

First of all, that “blurb” is NOT a blurb. It’s a premise … of some sort.

This is one of those books where everything you thought would happen, didn’t, and everything you thought wouldn’t, did. It was engaging in the sense that you followed through because you wanted to know what would happen, and more interestingly, HOW it would happen. For a small, uneventful town, Willow Springs was the setting of a quite dramatic set of people, sometimes even, too dramatic for their own good, so that they ended up making irrational decisions/choices without considering the consequences. Also, they were the kind to make trouble out of nothing, and make trouble itself seem like nothing [out of the ordinary].

Some parts of the plot were quite disappointing, and the characters not developed to the point where you would [want to] relate, sympathize, or even empathize with them. Crissa, the heroine, particularly, was this way. She was a conglomerate of every kind of emotion [you can think of], and in a bipolar sort of way, too. There were other times the characters seemed pretty immature. Reading some of their monologue/dialogue gave me the impression I was peeking into the minds of children. There were moments I wasn’t sure I even liked the story/characters. Also, there were some morality issues with the characters that concerned me. Honestly, it is my opinion that they weren’t really morally conscious. They simply threw in the name of God when it was convenient. And, finally, it seemed that in the bid for the author to write a suspenseful/intriguing plot, she created a situation where she was forced to spin the final scenes in a way that looked like they were thrown together to make the romance story work. This made Crissa look like an angel/agent of death/justice. If you were mean and evil, and made her your victim, for her to get away and have a happily ever after, something terrible would DEFINITELY happen to you …???

*Although I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My thanks to Cedar Fort for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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