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Video Interview ~ Artist Manager, Michael Smith

I first discovered Michael on twitter, and then later followed his tweets to his websiteMike Smith and found someone who loves God. A particular post I read showed me a faith in God that one can aspire to. I thought it would be wonderful to interview Mike so he can tell us his story. Here’s a link to an exclusive video Mike made for the interview questions I sent him via email. I hope you’re as blessed and inspired as I am.


1. Hello Mike. I’m honored to have you here today at To Be A Person. Thank you for stopping by. Please, tell us a bit about yourself.

2. Michael, you’re a Christian artist/author/ministries/comedian manager and talent developer. Obviously, you have skills that have made you successful. What made you choose Christian entertainment as opposed to secular?

3. In what way do you hope to impact the world for God through what you do?

4. Could you mention some of the people/organizations you represent, or have represented? What is the guiding principle behind choosing those that you work with?

5. What do you expect from the people/organizations you work with?

6. What is the (inspirational) motto of your business?

7. How do you encourage, or hope to encourage others through the work you do for God?

8. What’s your personal approach towards Talent Development for Christ? How exactly do you go about it? Is it unique with every person, methodical, or both?

9. In your journey so far, what are the personal lessons you’ve learned, and how can you say you’ve grown spiritually as a Christian? Can you tell us your story?

10. What are the things (or nuggets of wisdom) you know now, but wish you knew then when you started? Any regrets? If there are, how are they a turnaround today, that have brought good in your life?

11. What is the worst difficulty you’ve ever encountered in the entertainment business, as a Christian, and as a manager? What is the best/most thrilling moment so far?

12. What can you say is lacking in Christian entertainment today? What can be done about it?

13. How is the Christian entertainment business different from that of the secular? What are the advantages/disadvantages of choosing Christian entertainment?

14. What are you most grateful for in your life right now?

15. What are some of the delusions people have concerning Christian entertainment, especially delusions surrounding fame, purpose, and hard work?

16. What is the one (or more) advice you would give an upcoming artist/author on their way to fame and success?

17. What is the one (or more) advice you would give an upcoming manager?

18. Is there a final word you would like to offer   anything at all   that wasn’t covered by the questions?

Exclusive Interview With Michael Smith, Artist Manager

Thank you Mike, for visiting TBAP today!


Mike Smith

About Michael Smith

Christian Entertainment & Music Artist Manager & Talent Development. I represent singers, bands, musicians, speakers, authors, comedians & ministries.


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