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Virtual Blog Tour & Book Review ~ Solomon’s Whisper by Sandra Brannan


It’s a tour stop!

About the Book

Solomon's WhisperTrying to convince Liv Bergen from resigning from the FBI to return to mining after nearly losing her nephew, Streeter Pierce asks Liv for one condition: to wait six months before making her resignation official or public.

Five months into the condition, Streeter becomes desperate to keep Liv, so he bends the rules and assigns her a seven year old cold case – Brianna Keller, a young girl taken from her bedroom during a slumber party and found dead along the road in the desert near Vegas. Streeter believes if Liv sees how she can help her family, help avenge a child’s death, she may not feel as if she’s endangering them. So what better way than to assign her Brianna’s case? After all, Brianna is Liv’s niece, her sister Barbara’s youngest child.





My Rating

**** (4 Stars)

My Review

This book is the fifth installment in The Liv Bergen Mystery Series by Sandra Brannan. While it’s a continuation of Liv’s story, it’s extremely comfortable as a standalone. The details needed to understand what had happened in the past books, were neatly, subtly, and intricately, woven into the plot. It is quite engaging, simple (sometimes, too simple, especially in monologue), but rich in its descriptions, and easy to follow. Brannan has a way with words in certain scenes and in certain characters’ head. The characters were well hashed out, allowing a distinct and tangible uniqueness to each. The scenes/POVs were handled excellently—some in first person, others, in third.

There are major twists and turns, some shocking, but well handled with a firm grip on reality. A lot in the plot is thought-provoking in a solemn/morbid sort of way, sometimes, sad even. The human instinct to react to tragic events was deeply explored in this book. Definitely engaging and page-turning. The final scene was a good wrap-up but sets the stage for the story to continue in the next book—at least I think so.

*Although I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My thanks to JKS Communications and Greenleaf Book Group Press for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion

About the Author

Sandra BrannanSandra Brannan has created a heart-pounding mystery thriller series around Liv Bergen, a woman who embodies the spirit of South Dakota. Much like her character Liv Bergen, Brannan has spent her career in the mining business.

Working her way up from day laborer in the company her grandfather founded to a top executive in the family business wasn’t easy, as Sandra often received threads from those opposed to mining. These life experiences gave her a first-person perspective into the high-stakes scenarios of which she writes.

In response to the overwhelming success of “In the Belly of Jonah” (2010), “Lot’s Return to Sodom” (2011), “Widow’s Might” (2012) and “Noah’s Rainy Day” (2013), Brannan prioritizes her time first to the librarians and booksellers for nominating her to earn two ABA Indie Next List Notables, to book clubs and fans who have described Liv Bergen as the love child of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, and to teachers for all the gratitude she has for their role in her success. Her books have landed on the Denver Post best-seller list and reached the top 10 for e-book mysteries and top 5 for women’s mysteries. She celebrates the launch of the fifth book in the series, “Solomon’s Whisper,” in September 2014.

Named one of the top 25 most fabulous women by Black Hills Magazine, Brannan lives in her hometown of Rapid City, South Dakota, with her husband. Their budding family consists of four boys and three grandchildren.


  1. Thank you, Miranda, for being so generous with your review. I am so pleased you liked SOLOMON’S WHISPER to give it 4 stars. Lucky me! I also appreciate your honest opinion and your advice on if this can be read as a stand alone versus in sequence for the series. Since I know these characters too well, it is certainly too hard for me to answer that question for readers. Listen to Miranda, not me!
    Grateful and God Bless…

    • Hello Sandra! You’re most welcome. Glad to take part in the blog tour, and love your writing style. Certainly deserved the rating! And, thank you for the warm words, and for stopping by! 🙂

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