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Author Scoop ~ Interview With Travis Thrasher

Travis Thrasher is prolific writer and quite the accomplished author. He’s written numerous books acquired by  publishers in several countries and novelized Christian movies. TBAP reached out to TravisThrasher2012-48 for an interview and he graciously took some time to attend to our questions. Follow our chat below and learn more about this incredible author.



Miranda ~ Hello Travis! Thank you for visiting TBAP. Please tell us a bit about yourself. And, coffee or tea?

Travis: I grew up everywhere—from Germany to Australia. Wanted to be a writer since third grade. Wrote my first novel in ninth grade. Have been living in Chicago area since junior year of high school. Currently married and have three daughters. And, I definitely love and need my coffee.

Miranda ~ When did you first become a Christian? What led you into a personal relationship with God?

Travis: My parents had a massive change when they became believers when I was in third grade. We were in Germany and eventually went back to the States. This impacted me and I became a believer a year later.

Miranda: ~ You were in publishing before you became a writer. When did you first recognize your love for books? When did you decide to use it for God?

Travis: I’ve loved reading my whole life. I got into publishing so I could learn about the business and hopefully get published. I’ve struggled with my writing because for so long it’s been all about me. I try to give it over to God and use it for His glory but it’s also hard when you’re making a living at it.

Miranda ~ You’ve been on both sides of the literary industry. How is one side different than the other, and, how has each side helped you deal with the other in your career?

Travis: I was very cynical when I left the publisher I worked for. The business can do that to you. I took lots for granted. On this side, I appreciate more of what publishers do. It’s hard selling books, period. I appreciate and admire the people I work with at publishers.

Miranda ~ What lessons did you pick up working on both sides, and how has it helped your spiritual journey as a Christian?

Travis: I’m constantly asking God for opened doors and for guidance and wisdom. Being a full-time writer can be a terrifying thing. God always provides but not in ways I’d expect. I’m learning to continue to rely on Him.

Miranda You said that the first ten years of writing was for you? What exactly do you mean by that and how’s it different now? What led you to this resolve?

Travis: I think I said that because writing has always been about trying to figure out who I am and the world around me. Many of the first books I did were expressions of that. Trying to find my voice and style. I think I’m finally learning to craft important stories for readers. To get out of the way and not make it about me at all. I think experience has brought this. And collaborations.

Miranda ~ Who are the people you write for?

Travis: I’d still like to think that I’m writing for any reader. Since I’m all over the board—TRULY all over the board—I can say that.

Miranda ~ When you write, what message do you hope to pass across to your readers?

Travis: Hope is possible. In life, in love, in the literary world, in anything—hope is possible.

Miranda ~ Why should a Christian [who has the talent] be a writer? What do you believe they can offer a fallen world through writing?

Travis: I think you capture people’s attentions with stories. You tell the right story at the right time, and you can inspire and motivate. Every writer has a world view. Christian writers obviously are put into a box called “Christian writers”. But that’s okay. If the story is good enough, they’ll transcend that box.

Miranda ~ What is the greatest/most inspiring moment, so far, in your career? How did it shape your thinking?

Travis: Oh this is hard. I don’t have one great, inspiring moment. I have many. Probably everything to do with Mac and Mary Owen and their memoir, Never Let Go. They‘re wonderful people being used by God. To be associated with them has been a gift. But I can say this about other people I’ve worked with, too. The “Home Run” team. Jimmy Wayne. So I can’t say one thing. It’s been many, many things.

Miranda ~ What has been the most difficult moment in your career? How did it grow you spiritually?

Travis: Getting book contracts cancelled. It’s happened three times so far in my career. One in 2006. Another in 2008. And another four days ago. They force me to once again give everything—and I mean every single thing—over to the Lord and ask for guidance and opened doors.

Miranda ~ What are you most grateful for generally and right now?

Travis: My children who are beautiful gifts from God. And the ability to be able to tell stories. I’ve been blessed to have told so many.

Miranda ~ What word of wisdom can you offer to a writer who’s just beginning?

Travis: Don’t give up. Finish what you start. Keep writing and believing. And remind yourself why you write. You write to express something, to get something off your chest, to entertain and inspire. You write to move someone the same way an author has moved you. Remember this and don’t remember anything else. Then keep writing.


THIS or THAT (The Fun Questions!)

Tennis or Football? Football (Washington Redskins)

Gym or Outdoor? Outdoor

Cereal or Fruit? Fruity cereal

Music or Movies? Music. Without question.

Magazines or TV? TV

Blue or Green? Blue. (I’m colorblind a bit with green.) 

Blazer or Leather jacket? Leather jacket definitely.


Thank you, Travis, for stopping by!


Thrasher2012-48About Travis Thrasher

Travis Thrasher decided he wanted to be a writer in third grade. He wrote his first novel in ninth grade. It was never published but  proved he could write and FINISH a book.

After college, he got a job at a publishing house working in author relations where he for over thirteen years while starting a writing career as well.

His first book was published in 2000 titled, The Promise Remains. Publishers Weekly said this about the books: “Sara and Ethan are two of the most real and sensitive lovers to grace the genre, and readers will find themselves moved.”

From there, Travis began a very unpredictable writing journey writing love stories, then morphing into thrillers, and then into supernatural thrillers.

His first bonafide scary story was Isolation published in 2008. This was the book that allowed Travis to take the leap to write full-time. Another Publishers Weekly blurb on this: “In this dark chiller, Thrasher demonstrates a considerable talent for the horror genre. Like Stephen King, Thrasher pits flawed but likable characters against evil forces that at first seem escapable, but gradually take on a terrifying ubiquity.”

Travis has written serious, mind-twisting dramas like Sky Blue and YA series like The Solitary Tales.

In 2009, Travis was approached to do some collaborations. Since then, he’s done a variety of books, partnering with people like country artists Jimmy Wayne and Thompson Square to doing books with the Duck Dynasty gang. He’s done several Christmas novels, middle-school fiction, and even ghostwriting.

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