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Album Review ~ Forward by Jonas Park & David Bollman

Album Photo

Forward by Jonas Park and David Bollman


Alternate Rock/Contemporary Worship

My Rating

***** (5 Stars)

My Review

This is a hope-filled album of gratitude, and reverence to God, with lyrics layered with evidence of deep faith and awe-inspired worship, even coercing/leading you to feel the same way as you listen, so that it reaches far beyond entertainment to a realm where you enjoy fellowship with God. The songs have an alternate quality to its rock, at the same time maintaining a soft, atmospheric mode, so that the instruments don’t overshadow the vocals, but are merely/clearly a support to the worship. You can think of the overall output as a comp between Hillsong and Chris Taylor—very nicely done!

The album has six songs in all—swift to listen to, but likely to persuade you to leave it on repeat.

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About Jonas Park & David Bollmann

Jonas Park and David BollmanJonas Park is a worship leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and David Bollmann is part of band called Rekapse based in Virginia Beach. They are great friends, both growing up in Virginia Beach and writing songs together. And though they’ve been in different locations the past few yeas, they’ve continued to do music together. Currently they are collaborating on their first indie project called Forward. Their greatest passion is to know God and to make Him known. Photo & bio culled from Jonas and David’s Official Facebook.

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