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Music Album Review ~ Fast Forward by The Walls Group

Album Photo

Fast Forward


Christian/Alternate/Contemporary Rock

My Rating

***** (4.5 Stars)

My Review

This is an album that is worshipful in its presentation. Most of the songs are slow- to medium-paced with an alternate/moderate rock theme as a backdrop to the music. Others are beautifully acoustic with an easy, worshipful flow. There’s also the native hymn and urban country feel to it, allowing the entire collection to be unique in its flavor.

It’s message is a confession of love for God, a testimony of undeterred faith even in tough circumstances as well as God’s faithfulness in those tough times. This album is truly uplifting and faith-stirring. The Walls Group are indeed a band to look out for. Their music adds a uniqueness to the already familiar.

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About the Band

The Walls GroupDarrel, Rhea, Paco and Ahjah are on a fast track to music notoriety, but under the watchful eye and firm hands of parents who have instilled the Word of God into them. Ministry is the heart of The Walls Group and singing is the vessel in which to tell of the good news. Their youthful voices stand toe to toe with some of the leading gospel artist today. Worship, contemporary gospel and a blend of urban pop comes alive with their charming charisma and stage presence.

The Walls Group is incredibly talented but remain grounded in family values and dedicated to ministry. They love spending time with their granny, Bayonne Moody and are always listening to music by their favorites Kim Burrell, Kiki Sheard, The Soul Seekers, Mary Mary, and Dorinda Clark- Cole. They are just an ordinary bunch of kids, living a pretty ordinary life, but are aspiring to do extraordinary things. (Culled from The Walls Group Official Website).


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