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Book Review ~ This Quiet Sky by Joanne Bischof

About the Book

This Quiet SkyThere is nothing extraordinary about Tucker O’Shay’s dreams. Go to college.Become president. Fall in love. And pretend like he has enough time to get it all done.

Sixteen-year-old Sarah Miller doesn’t expect anything out of the ordinary when she begins her first day at the one-room-school house in her new hometown of Rocky Knob. But when she meets seventeen-year-old Tucker O’Shay—the boy with the fatal illness who volunteers to tutor her in algebra—she finds herself swept up in a friendship that changes the way she sees the world and a love that changes her life.


Christian/Historical Romance


***** (5 Stars)


This Quiet Sky is a story that’s heartrending, but not without hope. It broke my heart in so many places, and then put it back together again, so that my lips eventually curled into a smile full of peace, hope, and comfort, just as my heart was wrapped with satisfaction and joy.

Bischof created a very believable world, with its characters (almost) as real as the air we breathe. The first person POV was breathtakingly authentic, shaping the speaker’s personality, as well as the entire world through her eyes, in way that was romantically endearing, and at the same time poignantly convincing.

Sarah and Tucker are the sort of characters that will find their way into your heart, secure a comfortable spot, and stay there. Following their story, I couldn’t help but hope that it would turn out a certain way, but in the end, was grateful for what the theme had to offer—it was so much more than a romance story.

I read this book in one sitting, and as tears poured down my face as I neared the end, I couldn’t help but be grateful for each moment of life—the important and the seemingly unimportant, the general and the specifics, even the moments that make me cry. Sarah and Tucker’s story reminded me (in a staggering way) that life is not only very precious, but that every single moment counts. Also, that love without fear is truly the perfect kind. If love will be fulfilling, no matter how short, there can be no holding back—this is the essence of the story.

While a scene towards the end tore my heart in two, the wrap-up made everything okay again; it tucked my heart under a blanket of comfort, making me more hopeful than ever, despite the turn-out of the story. For this, I’m immensely grateful to Joanne Bischof for being brave enough to write this beautiful tale of love and hope that seems larger than life as we know it. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this about Bischof, as I’ve followed her books since her wonderful debut, Be Still My Soul, the first book in the Cadence of Grace Series, to which this book—This Quiet Sky—is the prequel. On that note, I say to all prospective readers: put a box of Kleenex right next to you before you begin reading this book, because half way through, you’ll need it. I certainly did.

*Although I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. A thank you to Joanne Bischof, the author, for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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About the Author

Joanne Bischof - Headshot 1

Christy Award-finalist and author of Be Still My Soul and Though My Heart is TornJoanne Bischof has a deep passion for Appalachian culture and writing stories that shine light on God’s grace and goodness. She lives in the mountains of Southern California with her husband and their three children. When she’s not weaving Appalachian romance, she’s blogging about faith, folk music, and the adventures of country living that bring her stories to life.


  1. Beautiful review, Miranda – as always. You captured exactly what this novella is all about. Joanne does such a splendid job crafting this one. 🙂

    • Exactly! For a moment, I thought I couldn’t express with words everything I felt about this wonderful book. I’m glad you and Joanne think it’s lovely. 🙂

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