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Book Review ~ Thrill of Hope by Bruce Green

About the Book

The Thrill of HopeWhat are we to do with the Book of Revelation? Some Christians skim the book and glean a superficial understanding of the text; others spiritualize Revelation or label it as unworthy of concentrated study. Many simply ignore John’s final letter entirely.

But by neglecting Revelation, the church is missing out on the blessing that the Lord bestows upon those willing to give the book a patient hearing—the thrill of hope.

In The Thrill of Hope, Bruce Green walks with the Apostle John through the open door of heaven and witnesses the wonderful blending of history and hope. God’s people may be oppressed, but evil won’t prevail. Wrongs will be righted. Those who have the faith and courage to stand strong will be vindicated. However, victory doesn’t happen by chance; it is the promised result of a strong and steadfast hope given by God.

Accessible and easy to understand, The Thrill of Hope provides an enlightening and encouraging analysis of the book of Revelation. In short, digestible chapters, Green unveils the major themes of John’s message, challenging us to live in hope and holiness. Helpful FAQ sections are interspersed throughout the book, and discussion questions following each chapter make it suitable for Bible class, small group, and individual studies. Those who are waist deep in the woes of the world will be lifted from the mire by a renewed confidence in the sovereign Christ—the One who reigns in hope.






☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ (4 Stars)



For the first time there’s an author who’s attempted to take the fear out of studying the book of Revelations—the only book in the Bible that a blessing has been pronounced upon anyone who will not only listen to its message, but accept it.

A book that most readers more or less find confusing, Green has come out with a clear message of the intent of God in giving this book to man—that man would have hope despite a difficult world. He begins his illustration from the Roman times, a time after the ascension of Jesus, when Christians faced the harsh reality of the ugliest of Rome’s brutality. He showed how prophecies that had been spoken against Rome had come to pass, with the Church eventually overcoming and outlasting the Roman Empire. And, so, even now, through the prophecies in Revelations, the Church can be sure of God’s Word spoken as a message of hope to God’s people who endure pain and every kind of abuse that they face in the world today. Green makes it clear that through these prophecies, the Christian has been given the picture of an end that is already settled and sure—one that will never change. This book aims to restore peace, comfort, hope, and joy, and to inspire Christians to persevere despite the growing cruelty towards Christians today. It aims to also show, using the history of the Church, that God isn’t standing idly by as His children suffer. But that in fact, He’s taken into account their suffering since the beginning of time, and has prepared their reward, restoration, and final redemption, and to also punish the evil responsible for their sorrows and torture.

This book is written for the Christian today. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My appreciation to Book Crash and Start2Finish Books for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


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About the Author


Bruce Green grew up in what was then the small town of Madison, Alabama, among cotton fields, red clay, and the aerospace industry. He is married to Janice, and they have three children and two grandchildren. They make their home in Opelika, Alabama, where he works with the Tenth Street Church of Christ.

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