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Discover! ~ A Chat with Singer/Songwriter, Lexy Tays!

You all know the lovely actress, Jenn Gotzon! She graciously visited TBAP some time ago. Now, one day on twitter (which I’m sure by now you know is my favorite social media!), Jenn introduced me to this lovely young lady, Lexy. Jenn thought it was a good idea that, Lexy and I, know each other. Lexy Tays 2I thought that was sweet, and, not long afterwards, I invited Lexy to TBAP! Now, if you don’t know Lexy, let me tell you that she’s a talented young lady who I believe will someday take the world by storm. So, watch out, world!

Come with me below, and lets get to know Lexy a bit better!

Me: Hello Lexy! Glad to have you visit TBAP today. Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

Lexy: My name is Lexy Tays. I am a sixteen year old singer/songwriter from Princeton, Kentucky. I play volleyball for our high school and in spite of my busy schedule, I maintain a 4.0 GPA. I perform at the Kentucky Opry where I compete in the talent search and I’m a member of the Stars of Tomorrow Show. I began taking guitar and vocal lessons from Mr. Clay, the owner, at age 12 in 2011. I assist at leading worship at First Baptist Church in Princeton.

Me: How did you become a Christian? Tell us your story.  

Lexy: I became a Christian when I was 8. I was in AWANA, a children’s program at Southside Baptist Church and was feeling led to talk to someone about having a relationship with Jesus. Then, I was lead to Christ by one of the leaders that night of March 13. Since then, I’ve been serving God and teaching local vacation Bible schools and, leading worship at my current church. I strive to use music as a way to inspire others and be a model to them.

Me: You’re into music. How did it all begin?

Lexy: Being in music began when I was very young. I played piano for six years, then switched over to guitar, and have been playing ever since. I’ve always loved performing for my family and at church, so my mom got me lessons at the Kentucky Opry where I now perform. It has given me so much experience with the stage, and I love all of the people that have helped me and coached me throughout the years. 

Me: What do you sing: Christian? Can you list some of your works for the readers? Thank you!

Lexy: What I write with my music is actually more country than it is Christian. I sing a lot of worship songs at churches and festivals, and I write country types of music. My songs are all clean, and I write inspirational music that is good for young girls to listen to. I don’t have much polished work, but I am working on that.

Me: In what way is the Christian music industry different from the secular? Do you think there’s room for improvement in the Christian industry?  

Lexy: I think the Christian music industry is amazing. The artists have touched so many lives, including my own. I love going to Christian concerts and festivals, and even listen to K-LOVE on the radio. I don’t know any way that the industry needs improvement besides needing more advertisement! We need to get this inspirational music out there to show to more people so that their lives may be changed!

Me: How has your journey so far in music helped grow your personal relationship with God?

Lexy: My journey in music shows that it’s tough to stay on the straight and narrow path, but it is well worth it. Being a teenager in high school is difficult, and, with all of this stress of music and sports on top of it, it makes you work hard to stay on top of things. You have to be close to God to stay focused on what is right and turn away from what is wrong.

Me: What has been your experience in the industry? How has it made you a better artist/person?

Lexy: I have been to several classes and lessons to help me grow in my craft, and it has helped tremendously. I’ve also attended seminars at AMTC Winter Shine in Orlando, Florida, by some professionals in the industry.

Me: Have you worked with any artists/producers? Can you tell who, please?

Lexy: No I haven’t worked with many other people except for a co-write I had in Nashville over the summer!

Me: Who do you hope to work with in the future?

Lexy: I just want to work with other songwriters and also ghost writers, who are people that help you polish your own songs. I don’t have anyone specific in mind just yet. 

Me: What are you working on right now? In what ways do you hope things will be different this time?

Lexy: I am working on songwriting and performance technique with people in my area. I hope that learning all of these new things, and meeting these new people, will open doors. 

Me: What do you hope listeners will walk away with?

Lexy: I hope that listeners will be inspired by my music and have someone to look up to. 

Me: As a music artist, what advice would you give to anyone venturing into the industry?

Lexy: As corny as it sounds, to keep trying and get up when you fail. It’s not going to be easy to get into this industry because of all of the competition. But, God will open and close doors as He chooses to, and it will always be for your benefit.


THIS or THAT (The fun Questions!)

Coffee, Tea or Mocha? Actually, I’m weird and I don’t like any! I drink a lot of water! But, at a local coffee shop in my hometown, my special drink is getting a hot chocolate with a shot of white chocolate! It’s so delicious!

TV or Magazine? TV

Gym or Outdoors? Gym

Rain or Snow? Snow

Spring or Fall? Fall

Summer or Winter? Summer

Breakfast or Dinner? Dinner

Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla

Ice cream or Shakes? Ice cream

Juice or Smoothie? Juice

Movies or Books? Books

Dress or Pants? Dress

Sandals or Flats? Sandals

Heels or Boots? Heels


Thank you, Lexy, for visiting TBAP today!


About Lexy Tays

Lexy TaysLexy Tays is a sixteen year old singer/songwriter from Princeton, Kentucky, who plays volleyball for her high school. In spite of her very busy schedule, she manages to maintain a 4.0 GPA. Lexy loves to perform at the Kentucky Opry where she competes in the talent search, and  is also a member of the Stars of Tomorrow Show. She began taking guitar and vocal lessons from Mr. Clay, the owner, at age 12 in 2011. Lexy loves to assist in leading worship at First Baptist Church, Princeton. Follow Lexy on twitter and youtube!



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