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Interview ~ Child Actors, Hudson and Tucker Meek!


For a while now, we’ve talked about Providence, the movie, by Faith Flix Films. And, so, it’s with pleasure that I introduce these adorable brothers and child actors, Hudson and Tucker Meek! They are part of the cast of Providence, and acted as brothers. Tucker also acted in A Walk In The Woods with Robert Redford, and, Hudson in the movie adaptation of the acclaimed book, 90 Minutes In Heaven, alongside Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth. Many thanks to their mum, Lani, who helped make this interview possible.

Come with me below and get to know these adorable darlings!


Miranda: Hello Hudson and Tucker! Glad to have you visit TBAP Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Tucker: I am 9 years old. In addition to acting, I love Legos and technology!  I consider myself a Lego Master Builder!  I like using Legos to build robots.  I also like playing golf with my dad.  But, my all-time favorite thing to do is, read.  I especially liked reading the Harry Potter Series

Hudson: I have a hard time deciding which sport I like best!  I like to play soccer, basketball, flag football, and, I’m a red senior belt in Taekwondo.  I also love to be outside.  I’m definitely an explorer!


Miranda:I’m glad you know Jesus. When did you tell Him to come into your heart?

Tucker: I am really lucky that my parents starting reading my little Bible to me when I was a baby.  I also grew up learning about God’s love and all of the stories in the Bible, because, we sang a lot of songs at my house, and at preschool, about it.  So I guess I’ve kinda always known about Jesus.  I asked Him to come in to my heart when I was in 3rd grade; I can remember exactly where I was sitting. 

Hudson:  Me, too!  I don’t remember where I was sitting, but I feel like Jesus has always been there.  I talk to God a lot, and I know He’s in my heart for sure.  I know that Jesus died on the cross, and took away my sins.  I am so glad that I’ll get to live in Heaven one day!  The songs that we learned when I was little help me remember verses that are important.  Mom says you should hide God’s Word in your heart, so that if you don’t have your Bible with you, you can remember the verse you need.  So, we sing songs that help us learn verses.


Miranda: Acting sounds like fun! How did it all begin?

Tucker: When I was little, I liked to repeat commercials that I heard on TV.  I went to the SHINE event (for Actors Models and Talent for Christ) in Orlando when I was 7 years old.  My favorite showcase was called Product Endorsement.  I was missing my front teeth, so I thought it would be funny to do a commercial called the “Tooth Loosener.”  I said “Are you tired of your little brother grinning at you with a mouth full of cash?  Then you need the tooth loosener…” and I pulled out a big wrench. Everyone started laughing.  I like to make people laugh! I was awarded the Overall Male Child Actor Award.  AMTC is where I learned what it means to “Make Good Bolder”.  That’s where I decided that I wanted to be a shining light when I was on set.  By the way, I have not tried “The Tooth Loosener” on my brother… yet!

Hudson: I used to watch my brother when he was filming auditions.  I knew every one of his lines, because, I heard Tucker working on them with my mom.  I have always liked to pretend.  So, one day I asked if I could try to do an audition.  My brother is a good teacher, because, I booked the first commercial I auditioned for.  Then I just started doing self-tapes like Tucker.


Miranda: How did you feel acting on the Providence set with other actors/producers?

Tucker: Filming Providence was really fun! Our scenes took place on aTucker and Hudson on Playground playground.  So we got to play the whole day!  We still had to be good listeners and follow Mr. Fred and Mrs. Sharon’s directions.  But, when we were filming, they let us stay and play for a little while.  It was an old-school play ground (like my parents used to have when they were little.)  So, it was really great! 

Hudson:  I loved that we wore clothes from the 70’s.  Mrs. Sharon called them vintage.  I’m not sure what that means, but I thought they looked cool.  I liked being in scenes with my brother.  There were a lot of kids our age on set that day, so we got to be pretty good friends.  And, when we were wrapped filming,  they let us stay and play for a little while. We had a swim party at the hotel, too!


Miranda: Hopefully, a lot of friends and other people around the world are going to watch this movie. What would you like them to learn from it?

TuckerProvidence is about a little boy who buys a Bible in a thrift store, and how that exact Bible was important to a lot of different people.  It eventually helps 2 friends find each other after a very long time.  At church we talk about how every word in the Bible is true.  It is God’s Word to us.  It is sort of like His instructions.  The Bible teaches us everything we need to know about how to try to live like Jesus.  In Providence, God uses Rachel’s Bible to help her meet Mitchell.  So it’s more than just the verses in the chapters. It’s the actual tool that God used for friends to find each other, because, that was part of His plan for Rachel and Mitchell.  I hope that people will learn that God has a plan for everyone. 

Hudson: I hope that when people watch Providence, they will learn from my character.  Bullying others isn’t nice and makes God sad.  I played a bully, but I am NOT a bully in real life.  If I see someone who is being bullied, I stand up for them.  I also try to look for friends who don’t have anyone to play with, and ask them if they want to play with me.  I really like to make new friends.


Miranda: Is there anything else you’d like to say? Do tell!

Tucker: I can’t wait to see it at the premiere.  I’ve never seen a silent movie before.  I think it’s going to be great.  I bet the music is really going to help tell the story.


THIS or THAT (The fun Questions!)

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Tucker: Chocolate

Hudson: Plain Vanilla (with the little specks in it!)


Cake or Biscuits?

Tucker: Cake (Choc & Choc).

Hudson: Cake (Any kind, but I always lick the icing off of cupcakes first.)


Jacket or Sweater?

Tucker: Jacket (Because, a sweater has tiny holes in it, and the wind gets through).

Hudson: Jacket (I’m not sure I’ve ever tried a sweater before.)


Sneakers or Boots?

Tucker: Boots; they are safer.

Hudson: Tennis shoes—cause they make you run faster!


Summer or Winter?

Tucker: Winter, because, that’s when my birthday happens! Yay!

Hudson: Summer, because, I love to swim!


Juice or Smoothie?

Tucker: Juice, but not the kind with pulp in it

Hudson: Smoothie, because, you can put healthy stuff in them without tasting it.  Like kale or spinach.  That way you don’t even realize you’re getting strong. LOL!


Ice cream or Shakes?

Tucker: Milkshakes, definitely. I love chocolate milkshakes!

Hudson: Ice cream, because, I like toppings, and I’m not sure I’ve ever tried a milkshake.  I’ll have to try one sometime soon.


Thank you, Hudson and Tucker, for visiting TBAP today!

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About Tucker and Hudson Meek

Hudson and Tucker MeekTucker and Hudson Meek are brothers who enjoy acting. Tucker is 9 years old and began working shortly after attending the 2013 SHINE event for Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ.  It was there that he was introduced to his agents, and where he decided he wanted to be a positive influence in the Entertainment Industry.  After watching his older brother work professionally for about a year, 7 year old Hudson, decided he’d like to try his hand in the industry. He also quickly found a love for acting and has enjoyed every project on which he’s had the opportunity to work.

Over the last two and a half years, The boys have been very busy working on feature films, commercials, and short films.  Last Christmas, Tucker was seen in Melissa Joan Hart’s film The Santa Con on LifeTime Television.  He played the role of Billy Guthrie; a little boy with a big wish!  Tucker made his theatrical debut in Robert Redford’s film, A Walk in the Woods.  Hudson also has a theatrical release under his belt.  90 Minutes in Heaven opened in theaters across the country September 11, 2015.  In the role of Chris Piper, Hudson co-stars along-side Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth.  The film is the movie adaptation of Don Piper’s book by the same title.  The boys do not often have the opportunity to work on the same project.  However, last Spring, they were cast as brothers in the faith-based film, Providence.  They had a great time traveling and working together on set!

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