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Entertainment Scoop! ~ Chatting with Executive Producer & Filmmaker, Del Baron

You all remember Irene Santiago, right? The lovely and interesting actress/producer thatDel Baron stopped by on TBAP some time ago? Yeah, that one! Well, today her fellow colleague in film-making (and husband) is visiting us today! How great! Without further ado, I present to you, Del Baron, one of the executive producers of the faith-based movie, Adrenaline! Join us below!


Miranda ~ Hello Del! Glad to have you visit TBAP today. Could tell us a bit about yourself?

Del: I am married with 2 kids and currently living in Wilmington, NC. While I grew up out west, I find that the beaches in the east fit this time in my life very well. I love to work in film all week long, and then cater on the weekends to pay the bills. Finally, I attend Scotts Hill Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC.

Miranda When did you first discover God and come to Him personally?

Del: I was raised in a very loving Christian home, and will say I found God at a very young age. I was baptized at 9 years old (the first time), and have stayed and strayed, in and out of church my whole life.

Miranda ~ When did you discover your talent for acting/film-making, and more importantly, when did you decide to use it for God?

Del: I am not really an actor, heaven forbid. 🙂 I discovered my background as a meeting planner/event-coordinator, worked well in the film industry for the role of Producer. I knew a lot about film, having been married to my wife, Irene Santiago, an actress, for 22 years and, I realized if I was going to do film, it was going to have to be for God.

Miranda ~ Could you tell us the story of your journey into film?

Del: My wife was working on a music video for John W. Schlitt, lead-singer of Petra, and introduced me to the film crew. We met and talked about me coming on board to help them with the feature film, Adrenaline.

Miranda ~ How have you grown spiritually since becoming a filmmaker?  What lessons have you picked up along the way?

Del: This is one of the toughest industries I have ever been a part of and, without God, it is even tougher. There is a real spiritual battle going on, and I have learned I need to better prepare every day for this battle.We could have never made or even finished Adrenaline without God’s help throughout the entire production. Most important lesson? Man can and will let you down but, God never will.

Miranda ~ What misconceptions do people have about the world of entertainment, especially in regards to a career that can lead to fame?

Del: Most people will only see the success and think that this is what every actor or producer must be…successful. There are far more people not making it, and simply struggling to just get by, than actually finding any fame or fortune. It is long hours and hard work, and jobs can be few and FAR between.

Miranda In your opinion, as a filmmaker and a Christian, what principles do you believe help sustain a person with an entertainment career? What principles sustain the career itself?

Del: As Christians we have the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our paths. This has helped me and others I know, choose projects to work on, and people to work with. I myself believe we can choose not to put our time or effort into something we feel is not honoring God.

Miranda What other actors/filmmakers have you worked with in the past, both in the Christian and secular industries? What has the experience been like, and, what lessons/wisdom did you gain from working with them—any interesting story in particular?

Del: Over my lifetime I have worked with NBA teams, Rock Stars, A-list actors and top CEOs of major companies; the lesson I have learned, and what we all want, is respect. Treat each person with respect and give them what they ask for, including their own space, to be who they really are, and not the character they play. AND, We are all God’s children first!

Miranda Why choose to work in the Christian film industry now, as opposed to the secular? What was your experience on the Iron Man 3 set?

Del: I believe TV and film need more faith-based or family-friendly films today, than ever before. I have two kids who I want to be proud of the work I do, and to be able to watch our work. I was a background extra on Iron Man 3, and went on that set to learn from the pros, and even hire crew for our film. I learned a lot, and it is by far the best way to see what really goes on, and who does what, on a set.

Miranda ~ What do you hope to impart when viewers watch the movie, Adrenaline?

Del: The importance of a father, both earthly and heavenly, to youth today. It is impossible to fill the missing love of a father, with Adrenaline or anything else.

Miranda ~ How did you select the cast for Adrenaline?

Del: We worked with two casting agents: Katrina Cook, out of Texas, to book actor, John Schneider, and, Marty Siu, for the local talent. Some of the cast, we had already selected; some, once we saw the auditions, we said, “that’s the one!” And others, it took a long time and a lot of prayer to cast the right person. Overall, I was very pleased with every actor’s performance and our selections.

Miranda ~ What project will you be moving on to now? When can we expect it? Also, will you build Adrenaline into a series—that is, a franchise—or will it be a standalone movie?

Del: I have three projects that I have been asked to help produce. Two are close to finalizing their funds and will be in production in 2016…stay tuned. We had talked about either an Adrenaline 2 or perhaps a TV series but, we do not have anything in the works for either of these two options at this time. We are waiting on God, as He has not yet opened the next door. (Isaiah 40:31)

Miranda ~ What word of wisdom can you offer an actor/actress who’s just beginning?

Del: Get with a talent agency who will be honest with you, and then, listen to them. Find some good solid people to surround yourself with—who can help you to navigate the pitfalls. Take small parts and side jobs, so you can learn this industry. Remember, Craft Services is the one place you will always meet every person on set!

Miranda ~ What word of wisdom can you offer a filmmaker who’s just starting out?

Del: Practice your craft and surround yourself with the best team you can find. ALWAYS KEEP LEARNING!

Miranda ~ Is there any word—anything at all!—you’d like to say that wasn’t covered by the above questions?

Del: I want to end with the importance of prayer on set. Please, if you are a Christian in this industry, make sure you pray every day on set. This is a journey we are taking, and you never know who you will impact along the way. May God bless you.


THIS or THAT (The fun Questions!)

Coffee, Tea or Mocha? Coffee is a must!

TV or Magazine? Magazine.

Book or Music? Book at home, music (KLOVE) in the car!

Gym or Outdoor? Outdoors.

Rain or Snow? Snow. Former ski bum.

Spring or Fall? Fall, on the beach. Less crowds.

Summer or Winter? Summer…outdoors.

Breakfast or Dinner? Dinner.

Boots or Sneakers? Sneakers.

T-shirt or Collar Shirt? Collared Polo.

Leather jacket or Blazer? Leather jacket.


Thank you, Del, for visiting TBAP today! 🙂


Del Baron headshotAbout Del Baron

Del has spent the majority of his life as a catering-, event-, and meeting planner. He has planned events for ski, golf and beach resorts around the world. He has also handled booking of everything, for high profile NBA teams, Rock Stars, Movie Stars and CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies. For the past three years, Del has served as one of the executive producers of the faith-based film, Adrenaline.  On the Adrenaline set, he also worked as line producer, production-coordinator, caterer, on crafts and locations, and anywhere else he was needed. During the time Adrenaline was in production, he continued to maintain a weekend catering job to help pay the monthly bills. He currently has three upcoming projects he’s been asked to help produce in 2016. Del prays for God’s grace and favor to continue doing His will in the Film/TV industry.

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