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Movie Review ~ Providence






Premiere Date

November 8, 2015


4 Stars


This is a movie that I’d been looking forward to watching since Sharon Wilharm, the writer/director, first mentioned the initial idea of the story. And I’m glad Faith Flix went through with full production!

Though a silent movie, it speaks volumes! This is a story of two people that found each other when they were very young, but also lost each other due to a misunderstanding. But through divine providence, they found each other again after many years had passed—a love story! And, quite touching, too.

Juli Tapken and Rich Swingle, the lead actors, were beautiful to watch. I truly appreciate their art. To be able to portray the heart of a story and the true meaning of a movie, without words, require much skill, and these two have that! Irene Santiago is another talented actress that graced this movie. Her acting made it so easy to understand her character. (To learn more about Juli Tapken, Irene Santiago, and Rich Swingle, and their experience on the Providence set, read their interviews on TBAP here, here and here.)

Tucker and Hudson on Playground

Tucker and Hudson Meek on a playground in the Providence Movie. To read their interview on TBAP and learn more about their experience on the Providence Movie set, go here.

The theme of this love story? No matter the mistakes you’ve made in the past, with God and His divine providence, there’s always hope for love, and for a beautiful and fulfilled life!

Overall, this was a sweet and wonderful movie with a lesson in hope and faith. Though there were a few technicalities that weren’t top notch, they didn’t hurt my overall enjoyment of this movie at all.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. A thank you to Sharon Wilharm and Faith Flix for an exclusive link that allowed me to watch this movie for free in exchange for my honest opinion*

**Coming to theaters February 12, 2016**

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  1. I sort of remember reading about this one, but then forgot about it. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, Miranda. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s a fine movie. I never thought it was possible to enjoy silent movies until Faith Flix Film’s `The Good Book’ and `Providence.’ Thank you for stopping by!

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