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Interview ~ Dave and Beth Weikel!

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you, Dave and Beth Weikel! It’s truly amazing the work and effortDave and Beth Weikel they put into serving God. Despite much pain and sorrow, these two have stood strong and are teaching God’s children all over the world to do the same. Their unwavering faith is quite contagious and something to be admired. I’m honored that they reached out to me during this time of the book tour for their books, Hope in the Midst of Loss, and The Way of Hope, and also for giving me the opportunity to interview them. Please, follow our chat below!

Miranda ~ Welcome to TBAP! Honored to have you stop by! Could you please tell us a bit about yourselves?

Beth – I’ve been the mother of two talented and godly sons, for which my husband and I, are grateful to God. And, I’m the grandmother of a curious and outgoing ten-year-old—Ian’s son—who was nearly eight months old when a roadside IED killed his daddy during his second tour in Iraq, while doing his command with Ghost Troop.

I’ve been a pastor’s wife, published author of articles/features, editor of a Christian news magazine, a secondary English teacher in public school for over twenty years, and, a volunteer in ministry efforts and civic affairs that support healthy community. Since my retirement from full-time employment, I’ve rediscovered time to enjoy my continuing interest in art, photography, music, gardening and design. I am a Bible student and teacher. My husband and I each facilitate small-group discipleship studies; we travel to teach workshops, and provide resources and training online. In the past ten years, God has been my Sustainer, Rock, and Friend. He has brought me through a series of losses I would never have imagined.

Dave – After being discipled into ministry through Peninsula Bible Church’s Intern Program, I have been a pastor in the Colorado Springs area. I’ve also served as a church administrator in California. My ministry would be categorized as verse-by-verse Bible teaching, creative outreach ministries, and in-depth discipleship of men. I also, was a teacher and school administrator focused on leadership skills, to aid organizations.

When God calls us into a season of loss and grief, He becomes our all and all. He meets us where we are and builds into our lives a dependence on Him so that, “we do not rely on ourselves, but on God, who raises the dead” (II Corinthians 1:9). My desire is to share the message of Dependence on the Sufficiency of Christ.


Miranda ~ Your ministry is quite a unique one. What’s it about?

Dave & Beth – What is it about? Our guiding belief is: we all have broken hearts. It’s how we deal with this brokenness that determines whether we dwell in life or loss. We direct people to a living and all powerful God to either prepare them for loss in its many forms or give those living in brokenness, hope.  Our emphasis is the Word of God, and how it transforms. Through the Word, God prepares us for battle, and gives us hope.


Miranda ~ What led you both to start your ministry?

Dave & Beth – The simple answer—our God. Don’t venture into any ministry without Him. He actually has, often in small steps, led us into the ministry we have today. During the past ten years we’ve experienced repeatedly, significant losses in our lives, which equally taught us significant lessons. After a couple of years of this walk, we had a friend who asked if we would teach a workshop on Loss and What We Are Learning at his annual Bible and worship conference. We said, “We’ll would love to, but we don’t actually have a workshop.” He said, “Well, think about it.”  To make a long story short, we prayed and asked, “What are we learning that could help someone else?” That became the workshop, which we’ve now taught locally, nationally, and internationally.


Miranda ~ What challenges have you faced in this ministry and, how have they taught you to rely on God more?

Dave & Beth – Just the nature of the ministry requires dependence. Whenever we meet someone living with brokenness or, if we’re teaching in a more formal setting, true dependence on the strength and wisdom on the Holy Spirit is required. It’s become a real necessity to pray about all we’re called to do and invite God to be involved in every part of our ministry. We acknowledge His leadership and want His methods.

The challenge has been that, at each point where this ministry becomes larger and more complicated, we see the Lord supply people on an “as needed” basis to aid in tasks which require specific expertise—quite humbling and thrilling at the same time! Beth and I have realized we are part of a team with much impact and powerful ideas.


Miranda ~ As your ministry grew over time, what did it teach you both to be grateful for?

Dave & Beth – First, we are grateful to be able to use our gifts and worship God in this way. He has used our past skills and vocational experience, as well as provided on-the-job training in this season of our lives. It’s always an adventure!

Also, whether we are busy doing ministry, teaching or writing, it’s clear that God is right next to us, directing our thoughts and our focus. We are also grateful He has taught us to use our strengths to complement each other.

And, while writing these current books with Wesleyan Publishing House, we could see God working with all of us to put the material together. We’ve had a lot of moving parts on this project, along with ample spiritual warfare, and have needed supernatural intervention, regularly. We’re grateful God has been patient with us, and has been so creative!

Finally, we’re especially thankful that the DVD being developed for our workshop enables groups and individuals anywhere in the world to minister to the brokenhearted in their communities. This multiplies the work and healing process so much more than we could ever have accomplished by being present on site or at each place.


Miranda ~ You’ve written two books, one of them, together—The Way of Hope and Hope in the Midst of Loss. Why did you decide to write these books, and what message did you hope to pass along?

Dave & BethThe Way of Hope: Growing Close to God Through Loss  was designed to show God’s strategies in all sorts of trials and affliction. It’s for those who are dealing with such sorrows as job layoffs, doctor reports, divorces, foreclosures, prison sentences, natural disasters or deaths of loved-ones. Many times it’s through brokenness that God can reach the deepest into a heart—we believe this! We want others, through this book, to recover and walk closely with God during and in the aftermath of suffering.

We all long for a light to lead us through hard times. Hope in the Midst of Loss will pierce the looming hopelessness and helpless feelings suffering often brings into our lives.  Beth compassionately leads anyone who reads this book into hope that surpasses all understanding. Through engaging stories from her own and others’ experiences, including those from the Bible, she shines the light of God’s Word upon the reader’s own circumstances, to give direction and a path to life.


Miranda ~ In retrospect, what would you have done differently in this ministry that you didn’t do before? How has this made you better ministers?

Dave & Beth – Hard to say, really. God has proven faithful and sovereign. As we stated before, it’s been a process where God has been involved from the beginning. Every believer has a ministry, and it begins by asking where we are sent. As we spend time with the Lord, He reveals this. We suggest placing one’s thoughts and desires in prayer to Him.  Also, have others pray for your direction, as well. The one thing we find ourselves doing more these days is praying—not doing anything unless we pray.


Miranda ~ What word of advice/wisdom would you both give to anyone who wants to venture into a ministry similar to yours? 

Dave & Beth – It is vital to have it be God’s idea and not merely theirs.  Pray constantly. Be prepared. In addition to our other qualifications and training, Beth and I became disaster relief chaplains with Rapid Response Team, in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Their rigorous preparation seemed a natural complement to all we saw ourselves doing.  It’s also vital to have life experiences that relate to their ministry emphasis.  Finally, build a team that will help when needed. 

*We are asking God to give us workshop (DVD) facilitators that would work in their local church or community to make available this teaching.  If you are interested in this, contact Dave at 719-339-6259.*

Thank you, Dave and Beth, for stopping by today! May God bless your ministry and effort!



About Hope in the Midst of Loss

Hope in the Midst of LossSorrow visits all of us in many forms: job layoffs, doctor reports, divorces, foreclosures, prison sentences, natural disasters, or deaths of loved ones. Whatever the circumstance, it is in these places that our souls long for a light that will pierce the looming hopelessness. Author, Beth Weikel, compassionately leads her readers along the pathway of loss—one that she herself has traveled many times—into the hope that surpasses all understanding. Through engaging stories from her own and others’ experiences, she shines the light of God’s Word upon a well-worn path of suffering. Her poignant and moving devotionals allow readers to press through their darkest journeys, sometimes asking themselves and God the hard questions, and finding the answers that only His Spirit can reveal.




About The Way of Hope

The Way of HopeSorrow visits all of us in many forms: job layoffs, doctor reports, divorces, foreclosures, prison sentences, natural disasters, or deaths of loved ones. But sometimes it is through brokenness that God can reach deepest into a heart. Veteran sufferers and authors, Beth and David Weikel, help readers follow Jesus, leading all who will follow through the way of suffering that God’s Son knows so intimately, and into His very real here-and-now hope.







About Dave and BetDave and Beth Weikelh


Dave and Beth Weikel have worked in full-time ministry, business, and public education for over 30 years. God is using their season of loss to provide hope and healing for others.

“Over six years ago, an intense period of loss touched our lives in myriad ways: a life-threatening illness, the death of our son serving in Iraq and strained family relationships surrounding this event, elder care and the home-going of three parents in less than a year, a near-fatal car accident of our other son, and a few others. What we are learning, because this is not finished yet, is to trust in the faithfulness of our Lord in unseen ways.”

Trained as disaster relief chaplains, and former career educators with experience in full-time ministry, Dave and Beth have walked through their own intense season of loss. Its heartbreak and upheaval has taught them to cling to what cannot be taken away, and has challenged them to wring purpose and meaning from those times of suffering. “God has afforded us opportunities to proclaim a clear message of hope and redemption through discipleship, partnering with local, national, and international organizations that reach out to desperate populations looking for answers and help.” Learn more about Dave and Beth, and their ministry on their website, By His Design.

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