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How Does Adversity Affect You?

Have you ever felt like you’ve fallen out of orbit and you’re having trouble righting yourself again?



Usually, these moments occur at a time in life when you’re at a crossroad and you have to unlearn a certain principle (or a couple!) that you’ve lived by until something jarring came along and tested its depth in your soul. You suddenly realize that some of your “beliefs” are just fancy cool opinions that are trending and you thought they would look good on you, too. So along comes a trial that will shake your foundation and rock your center, bringing out both the best and worst in you. You discover a part of yourself that you didn’t even know existed, and you learn you’re capable of certain actions you didn’t believe you were–for good or evil. These are the moments that define who you really are. For the traits that make you disappointed in yourself, you either rise to the responsibility of consciously changing your ways to become a better person, or you allow yourself to be crushed under the seemingly overwhelming guilt it throws on your shoulders.

For me, I’ve learned vital lessons in moments like these, and I offer them to you:

1. I’m human. I’m growing. I’m learning. There’s no way around this. So I own it, and I take responsibility to consciously redefine my ways, God helping me.

2. In the face of adversity, a lot of seemingly important things lose their glitter, and the simpler things/ways aren’t only wonderfully available, but employing them takes the weight off my shoulders, and I can recognize the beauty in them. Yes, simple is beautiful, too, and a priceless gift to those who choose to acknowledge them.

3. Shedding the extra weight makes my soul lighter, my purpose clearer, and redefines my priorities, hopefully for the better.

These are but a few! I hope they are helpful to you and bless your heart! Have a lovely week!