Inspirational, Personal Development

Your Time Is Not Entirely Your Own


In a world where 24 hours doesn’t seem enough anymore, and one can easily be convinced that if you don’t give it your all, you might lose your chance at success, it’s easy to buy into the inkling that to have enough time to achieve success, time spent with friends, family, and in leisure has to be reduced.

At first it begins with one project at work, and then a couple of others follow—it soon becomes the norm, with you probably giving excuses to yourself to drown your guilt. Until after damage has been done do you realize your great error. Unfortunately for you, God has built people in such a way to survive loss of any kind—they move on from where you left them. Reaching out to them and getting their attention may prove to be a daunting task, which you may not easily accomplish.


God designed that your 24 hours shouldn’t be devoted entirely to your personal endeavors, but that it be shared with the people around you, too. So, please, think twice before you brush that person off because you’re too “busy” to pay them any attention at the moment. Jesus never did that, even in times when people found Him alone in His quiet place communing with God. Take a cue from Jesus and embrace the gift of people and community.