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You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Begin

Imperfect FlowerIt’s easy to believe you have to have it all together to begin anything of significance.

This simply isn’t true!

When Jesus first began His mission, Scripture stated that His disciples helped Him baptize people, even more than John who’d baptized Him! This was shortly after Jesus had called them to be part of His ministry. At this time, the disciples didn’t know much and understood very little, but Jesus used them anyway.

Does this paint a picture for you?

God can begin with you right where you are if you let Him! He is not waiting for you to be perfect or to perfect any skill. He knows your life’s mission is a journey, and that He can make you better every step of the way. This is, in fact, why He provided the Holy Spirit—“to teach you all things.”

One day you’ll look back and smile as you realize how much you’ve grown and matured. You’ll be grateful for the journey that has taught you life’s valuable lessons so well. Even Jesus, as a human, “learned perfection and obedience through suffering.” Your story won’t be any different.

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