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Movie Review ~ Children of War

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Children of War - Apoloniad Productions


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3.5 Stars


This movie is beautifully far more complex than the simple story it presents! It shows the richness and pride in culture, heritage and family, while telling a tale of love, forgiveness, failure, redemption and healing.

War, West Virginia, is a place that appears to have been forgotten, but not by its folks who are proud of its history and contribution to America. It is quite refreshing that it was set there, rather than in a big city, showing the goodness of a town left behind in ruins after so much positive input from it, into the lives of its people and America as a whole. The Children of War aims to tell not just a love and family story, but one of pride that comes from culture and heritage. My only regret is that it’s a short film without the length to further develop this unique story and explore its charming setting—rocky mountains, quiet ponds, and a whole lot more!

As for the dialog/scenes, there appears to be a lot of subtext, which at first glance made the story seem as though it delayed in take-off. “Subtexting” (to this degree) is not very common in movie-making today and can only be perfectly executed with top-notch acting (unfortunately, I found some of the acting wanting). Perhaps this was done to pack the story with so much more than the length of the movie could allow? Needless to say I found this quite interesting, it does allow one view the movie from a unique perspective. Unfortunately, there’s the danger that a viewer may have to watch the movie more than once to attempt to grab its entire complexity; but when one does, the intelligence behind it can’t help but be applauded. My only problem with this is the tendency for a viewer to be confused, and so lose interest, and therefore the richness, that the story has to offer. It is possible though, that this may have been solved with additional time added to the length of the film.

Overall, I found The Children of War charming. Apolonia Davalos, the writer, director, and editor of this film has talent and great potential. I look forward to more movies from her/APOLONIAD.

**Though I offer my review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. A thank you to APOLONIAD PRODUCTIONS and actress, Apolonia Davalos, for a private link to view this movie in exchange for my honest opinion.**

CalmAbout the Filmmaker

Apolonia Davalos (AEA/ WIFT-Nashville and TWIFM Member) is a film and Off-Broadway theater director and actress. She is named after APPOLLONIA, an ancient, biblical town, in Macedonia, Greece, south of Lake Bolbe, known today as Nea Apollonia. Hence, she was born with a passion for God and love of history! Her upcoming short modern-western film Children of War will debut through the film festival circuit in 2016.

She is the Co-Writer and Co-Star of the online radio broadcast The Baby Shug’s Show! As an actress, her feature film credits include: The Good Book (on DVD), Providence (recently released in select AMC Theatres), The Perfect Wedding (on DVD), etc. In theater, she received great acclaim for the originated role of LYNN CORDERO in the Off-Broadway production of Looking for Billy Haines in Times Square (NYC). Other theater credits include: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (The Nashville Shakespeare Festival); Metamorphoses (The Boston Actors Theater): The Crucible (Salem Theatre Company); and Sisters of the Church (Afrikan Women’s Repertory Theatre). She is further recognized as a producer, director, writer, as well as an inspiring advocate for classical Greek theater through her production company APOLONIAD Productions. She is also known for her hearty laugh, talent for accents, love for martial arts, and singing classic 1930’s tunes!

 “Apolonia Davalos is a passionate, young director dedicated to exploring the plays of Euripides. As a member of a generation used to reading no more than 140 characters at a time, her devotion to a classical poet is worthy of tremendous admiration.” – Show Business Weekly.

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