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Album Review ~ Hold the Light By Bread of Stone

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Funky Pop/Rock

Release Date

July 01, 2016


4 Stars


This lovely 10-track album begins with the upbeat, faith-refreshing song, (Hold the light) I’m Not Afraid (anymore), which is positively medicinal to the soul. This headnodding, melodious,  flow continues into track 3.

Of applaudable mention is the style/formation of the lyrics—quite poetic and figurative, which intensifies the message in the songs in such an organic way, it’s almost tangible. This is really what rock was designed for!

There are moments in the album when the tempo is reduced/low,  which is good  because low-tempo, slow-paced music distracts less, anyway, from the gospel theme of the songs. Also, a bit of hip-hop was interwoven with the alternative of track 3, Parachute, which was supercool in a unique sort of way.

The rock in this album isn’t so different from the conventional kind we’ve come to know  (and love), but it isn’t everyday you find one where you LOVE half the songs the instant you hear them without the need to have them grow on you in time—Hallelujah, Parachute (feat. Matt Dally of Superchicks), Like a River, Battleground (feat. Manafest), The Change (feat. Beacon Light). I’m of the opinion that each one of them is worthy of being a movie soundtrack.