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Book Review~I AM: The Blueprint of Humanity by Dave Hernandez

51nvrafex8l._uy250_.jpgAbout the Book

This book is about a journey that starts in the heart and mind of our Trinitarian-God Creator. It’s our adventure, the odyssey of Mankind from Adam to Christ. Venture with them through the dark places of your fallen condition to the pastures of your risen state in Christ. Recover your true identity – the original blueprint of every human being. Clear your pathway so you can find that which mankind has lost – I AM!.

The author takes on the voices of two main characters who played the most significant roles in the History of Mankind: Adam and Jesus. He poses them as lecturers, guides, each sharing their role in the vast story of man’s Redemption, each leading you toward finding the lost bounty.




4.5 Stars


This is not a typical Christian non-fiction. I Am: The Blueprint of Humanity attempts to explain and clarify what God had in mind for humanity when He created man. In this book, is a persuasive and convincing theory of what led to the fall of man, and God’s preparation for it from the beginning (so that both plan and redemption were intact in the original blueprint). It goes further to discuss the true and complete identity of humanity that was never lost, but always remained secure in Jesus Christ—all of these narrated and explained in the voices of Adam and Jesus, albeit in a comforting and loving manner.

This book is eye-opening in the sense that, a lot of spiritual issues that have remained generally unclear to the Church were demystified—explained from a knowledge that depicts the author’s long and close relationship with God; the notes are constructed from a wealth of wisdom carved from many years of personal experiences.

While it is clear that not everyone will agree with every teaching in this book, it doesn’t change the notion that it’s an extremely interesting read to anyone willing to indulge it, and helpful to anyone seeking understanding to nurture spiritual growth, as any disagreements are trivial and not enough to prevent a satisfactory experience with this book. I, personally, recommend that it be read slowly—lecture by lecture—if possible, so that the contents are properly digested and given due portion of time for adequate meditation.

*Although I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My appreciation to the author, Dave Hernandez, for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

61xw6rr99ll._ux250_.jpgAbout the Author

Dave developed an insatiable love for Truth as a teenager, studying Scripture at intensive Bible Camps organized each summer throughout Europe by his church’s denomination. He complemented the intensives by attending Bible College in Ontario, Canada. A passionate seeker of God and Truth, Dave believes that the Holy Spirit continues to reveal more to us as we seek to know with openness of heart. A preacher and teacher for close to 30 years now, he has spoken in countries around the globe and served in various ministry roles in France, Australia and overseas as a short-term Missionary with his family. Dave met his wife Laurence in France where they got married in June 1990. Paris is, after all, the romance capital of the world! They’ve been living in Australia since 1997. Two boys were added to their lives through the IVF program: Damien in 2002 and Breandan in 2004.