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Book Review ~ The Gift of Singlehood by Nicole A. Jones

product_thumbnail.jpgAbout the Book

Marriage is not a guaranteed lifestyle. At any given moment in life and for various reasons, people become single. The realism of Christian Singlehood is often significantly underestimated, dismissively regarded, and insensitively discussed. Christian singlehood is an intentional lifestyle. It is a strategic standard of living. It is lived by a divine plan created by God’s unique outline. This book introduces singlehood as a phase of acquaintanceship with God, and concludes that if God permits people to live single, then He is confident that they can live so His way.

This book is written to singles from a single person’s perspective. It does not address married people, neither does it demote or devalue marriage.

The desire to be held, the desire to be heard, the desire to be wanted, and the desire to be touched, abruptly have many singles walking away from God yelling, LORD, I CANNOT DO THIS!!! Repeatedly, we witness sisters and brothers settle in miserable relationships they regret, with people they hate just for the sake of companionship.




Inspirational/Christian Living


4 Stars


A short and easy read that can be finished in one sitting, The Gift of Singlehood aims to encourage and enlighten the Christian single person in a manner that is both truthful and conversational. Its poignancy has an alluring quality that allows a reader to essentially appreciate the personal experiences of the author that birthed this quintessential non-fiction—quintessential, because, the lessons are timeless and, they are purposed to inspire peace, comfort, and hope. This book insists that the single person is complete and whole in God, and can have a life that is uniquely beautiful and fulfilling. It reminds the reader that just as marriage is a gift from God, so is singlehood.

In a society where marriage and the married are constantly placed on pedestals that insist it is the only true path to individual fulfillment, a comprehensive non-fiction that shines the light on the beauty and essentiality of singlehood, is needed on shelves. The Gift of Singlehood isn’t only for the never-married, but also for the once-married, whether divorced, separated or widowed—a truthful but soft guide to enjoying singlehood in God, whatever circumstance led to it.

*Though I offer my review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My gratitude to the author, Nicole A. Jones, for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.