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Album Review ~ Follow Through by Unspoken

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Unspoken - Follow Through



Release Date

August 26th, 2016


4.5 Stars


A true testament of faith and God’s goodness, a splendid sacrifice of praise and worship, and a relentless gospel-telling piece, Follow Through is an album full of positive energy, spiritual upliftment, and, it doesn’t hold back in melody power. From Higher to Roots, each song is lyrically beautiful—packed with God’s Word and truthful life experiences that will resonate with any believer, which is a lovely design to mend broken faiths, hearts and spirits!

Interesting additions to the conventional pop/rockish mixes in the album were the two final songs, Can’t Deny Your Love, a delicious Latin-pop music, and Roots, which had an African-praise flavor to it. Worthy mentions include Life In The Death Of Me and Soldier.

With wonderful and thought-provoking lyrics that will remind a Christian of where they stand with God, Follow Through is an album worthy of your attention this summer.