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Album Review ~ Hope’s Not Giving Up by Remedy Drive

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Hopes Not Giving Up - Remedy Drive





Release Date

September 2nd, 2016


3.5 Stars


There’s a hymn and pop/rock quality to the opening of the album which give the impression of church worship and concert music as one element, which in my opinion, is a sweet combo for any music-loving Christian.

While the album may have opened with the delightful Better Than Life song, the first piece to strike a chord in my heart was All Along (look out for it; song #3). Resuscitate reminded me of the band Red, but of course, not without the unique flavor that Remedy Drive is known for. Crystal Sea has a soft quality to it that is both soothing and spirit-lifting, as well as entertaining in quiet sort of way.

From Better Than Life to Guide You Home, Hope’s Not Giving Up is a pleasant album great for the moments when one is searching for the tranquility that only music can offer.