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Album Review ~ Future + Hope by New Hope Oahu

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Pop/Contemporary Worship

Release Date

September 9th, 2016


5 Stars


Future + Hope began with the head-nodding disco-popish (Jesus) I Want You, and then slid into contemporary worshipful mode for most of the album. In listening to Future + Hope, there’s the clear sense that it is so much more than the music and the singing, but all about worship to God, Most High. Each song is designed to lead the listener into complete surrender in heart and in spirit. The simple but amazing lyrics are soft and beautiful, blending wonderfully with the instrumentals, and making sweet symphonies that can only be described as heavenly.

If you’re a fan of Hillsong’s music, you’ll adore New Hope Oahu’s Future + Hope. Be sure to look out for Call On The Name, Written and Amen—the songs which I believe are the cherries on top of the icing! From I Want You to Mesmerized, this 12-track album is beautiful music therapy for any troubled heart seeking peace, comfort and rest.