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Book Review ~ Sophia Redeemed by B. Benfield

51mj5zcu78l._uy250_.jpgAbout the Book

Bouncing around the foster care system, Sophia has a horrible life until at the age of eighteen; she flees her abusive “father.” Trying to survive on the streets, she is taken in by a pimp, Jax. While she makes enough money to rent a rundown apartment, Jax’s percentage leaves her struggling to pay her own way.

While treating herself to a cup of coffee, she meets Matt. The persistent young man asks her out, not realizing her circumstances. When Sophia reveals her past and shares with him her current life, Matt is undeterred.

A violent, life-changing encounter with Jax brings Matt to her rescue. He takes her to his parents’ guesthouse, where she is welcomed and given a job in his father’s church. The only stipulation is she must attend church with the family.

Blossoming in her new life, Sophia and Matt begin to explore their relationship. However, someone is not pleased with the changes in her life. Threatening calls and messages are only the beginning of the danger to Sophia. Corruption, lies, and betrayal threaten the couple and when the truth is revealed, many lives are left in turmoil. Can faith and love overcome the devastation in Sophia’s life and lead to her redemption and the life she deserves?


Christian/Fiction/New Adult


Contemporary Romance


4 Stars


Written in first person POV, Sophia Redeemed is a beautiful story that is both sweet and thorny. Its heroine and hero are exposed to a trying circumstance and reality that could beg the question, “Is there a God, and does He care about me?

Thankfully, this story is a powerful reminder that God does care, and that He always has a plan. It illustrates that God comes for the helpless who have no idea how to reach for help because there’s no one to turn to, and for those  whose hope have sunk into complete despair. It also shows that sometimes God may thwart a plan which we believe is the best option, only to present to us a better plan and put us on a brighter path. More importantly, this story portrays how much God is willing to shower on both the lost and found, His abundant love, and He illustrates this by fiercely defending His own and exposing the wickedness that threatens them.

This is a story to be absorbed pensively because of the wealth of inspirational messages it has to offer. Though, simply written, the author doesn’t hold back in sharing the beauty of her faith in a tremendous way! A chuckle here, a giggle there, and moments of solemnity littered across the story—are only some of the wonderful experiences to be expected while reading this book.

618pj0fd6fl._ux250_.jpgAbout the Author

B. Benfield is a Christian Romance author from North Carolina. She paved her way writing New Adult Romance, where she wrote four novels before she ultimately decided to pull those books from the shelves, follow her heart, and pursue Christian Romance. Her first project is the Faith and Love Series, which includes Sophia Redeemed, Saving Taya, and Mila’s Strength. B. Benfield is signed with Bison Publishing.

She’s a banker by day and a writer by night, spending all time in between hanging out with her husband, son, friends, and family! She loves to hear from her readers, so don’t hesitate to shoot her a message! Find B. Benfield on her facebook page and on her website.