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Album Review ~ Encounter by Neverclaim





Rock/Contemporary Worship

Release Date

September 29th, 2016


4 Stars


Neverclaim opens Encounter with the amazing and powerful Our God Wins, a song that reminds the listener of their faith that can overcome all things because God always wins. There’s a joyful and gleeful hype to this album that’s both uplifting and contagious. Clearly, Encounter was prepared with the heart and purpose of reminding the Christian of his/her place in God, and how wonderful and life-changing this encounter could be (no pun intended).

Apart from the benefit of being spiritually blessed by Encounter, there’s the entertainment value which cannot be ignored or refuted, and these two qualities invite the listener to lift up holy hands, tap their feet and nod their head to the wonderfully orchestrated music. The lyrics contain simple but powerful words that could only be strung together by hearts full of faith and love for God. If you’re a fan of Jesus Culture, you’ll have a blast with Neverclaim’s lovely Encounter.