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How do you deal with moments in life that are not what you expected to happen? God tells us that all things work together for the good of those who love Him.

What does this mean?

Recently, I experienced my soul lose its wind from a traverse of my perfectly-made plans. The pain, sadness, tears, and fears that followed, overwhelmed me, making me sick on the inside. I found that when I focused on myself, I felt a lot of pain—all of it. When I, however, focused on others around me, the pain felt less; but it was just a temporary distraction. It wasn’t until I focused on Jesus (like Peter who walked on water as long as he looked onto Jesus even in the midst of the storm—he could STAND), and then took a deep breath and asked for His help, before healing finally began. I sought professional counsel, and even had the counselor talk on the phone with the individual I felt hurt by. One time, the counselor read a verse in Scripture about the war of the flesh against the Spirit. That was when I started to understand.

If we will overcome, we need to identify WHAT Satan is trying to kill—is it our spiritual intimacy with God? Is it to destroy our earthly relationships? Is it to steal the joyful moments of life?

No matter what happens, we can stand on Scripture and win our battles, rather than cower and focus on our pain in the midst of the storm.

Life portrayed on-screen and life off-screen parallel each other—both ways, we witness characters and people dealing with real struggles that eventually aid their personal growth. So, no matter what happens, be encouraged, keep your eyes on Jesus, and believe that through God’s grace, there’s healing and, good can come out of bad experiences.

Many blessings to you.

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Jenn Gotzon is an American film actress who since 2010, has starred in over 15 inspirational and faith-based feature films including mystery-drama, Doonby, where she starred opposite John Schneider, Ernie Hudson, and Robert Davi, and also Ron Howard’s Frost/Nixon, a 2009 Academy Award-nominated film where she played U. S. President Richard Nixon’s daughter, Tricia Nixon, for which she gained her career break. She also starred in Alone Yet Not Alone, a 2014 Oscar-nominated inspirational feature film, and, inspirational drama, I Am Gabriel, and also, the first silent evangelical feature film, The Good Book; drama film, Out of Ashes (Alan Powell), Dante’s Hell Documented, where she portrayed the heroine, Beatrice, alongside Dante, the character portrayed by Eric Roberts. Also, the 2014 award-winning music video, Walls by artist, Sean Guerrero, produced by Lamon Records.

Learn more about Jenn on her website and connect with her on facebook and other social media via @JennGOTZON.

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